Hikvision のソリューション

As an extension of traditional video monitoring into wireless transportation environments, Hikvision's mobile systems offer both analog and IP solutions and a wide range of selected products to fit your specific needs. Designed for the harsh environmental challenges of vibration, dust, and varying temperatures, the systems feature market-proven performance and keep forensic evidence for situations such as pickpocketing and traffic accidents.


調査の必要な事故が報告されるようなことがあっても、システムオペレータはモバイルビデオレコーダのフッテージに直接、携帯ネットワーク経由のワイヤレスでアクセスできるほか、監視センターにある録画済みフッテージをどれでもすぐに表示できます。録画は、エクスポートして法執行機関によるさらなる捜査に委ねることができます。Additionally, abnormal driving behaviors,such as using mobile phones, smoking, driving while drowsy, etc.can be detected by the onboard mobile system and drivers can be alerted in real time, protecting them from potential incidents.

Key features & benefits


Mobile Cameras

The mobile cameras are the professional choice for on-board monitoring scenarios. 防振および耐火設計がなされており、移動中でも安定した性能を発揮します。Hikvision can provide various network and analog cameras to meet different customers’ requirements on buses, trucks, metros....

Dash Cameras

The dash cameras provide a lightweight solution for on-board monitoring. The cameras can work standalone as a recorder or work with other mobile cameras as a central platform. Hikvision's dash cams are slim in design and powerful in features like real-time monitoring, vehicle tracking, driver behavior analysis, etc.

Mobile Video Recorders

The mobile video recorders offer professional onboard video storage with anti-vibration box design, power-off protection, and high heat-dissipation efficiency. Customers can choose network or digital video recorders with different channel numbers, storage capacities, and functions based on specific needs.





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