VSPlayer for windows

VSPlayer for windows 32-bit

Software Description: HIKVISION Media File Player. V7.4.3 version


Player for video stream from Hikvision product, suitable for play, edit of the recorded video file and live view of RTSP stream.


The issue of probabilistic crash is solved in V7.4.2 version.

V7.4.1 Added New Features:
1. Integrated with Format Converter Tool.
2. Support playing the PanuVo camera video file in original mode or PTZ mode.
3. Support coverting encrypted video files.
4. Support clipping multiple video files(Maximum 16pcs).

5. Download DirectX tool from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?stat=1&id=8109  for failed view of PanuVo camera issue.


V7.3.0 Added New Features:
1. Support fisheye expansion for playing video files of fisheye camera.
2. Support setting the location modes including by timestamp and by frame in basic settings.
3. Support media streaming to share the local video file, live view of device, and desktop to others in the same LAN.

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