Hikvision Quality and Versatility Leads to Russian Restaurant Security

Hikvision Quality and Versatility Leads to Russian Restaurant Security

Of all the quintessentially Russian elements that St. Petersburg represents, generally Italian cuisine is not one of them. However, in the case of the popular chain of Italian restaurants, Ti amo, residents of St. Petersburg have not been shy to adopt it as one of their own. And obviously, as any successful business would, Ti amo wanted to invest in quality security to help ensure future success.

Yet, in Ti amo's case, there were a number of restaurant-specific logistical concerns that needed extra attention.

Namely, due to the nature of this being a restaurant, lighting conditions were a challenge. In fact, depending on the specific area involved, lighting conditions quickly shift from dim (reception) to dark (dining) to bright (facilities), and back again. Additionally, a great many obstacles, such as decorative columns and table location/spacing, also can confuse a conventional CCTV system. Finally, the reality of ever-present restaurant mirrors, and the intermediate reflections they suddenly cast off, often serve to distort camera pictures.

These internal logistics, combined with external needs (perimeter and parking) brought the issue of quality surveillance into sharp focus for Ti amo ownership. However, this ownership had a number of requirements that any security manufacturer considering this project needed to meet. Among them was the ability to quickly move from proposal to installation; solid overall business reputation; experience in restaurant-specific solutions; ability to provide top-of-the-line technology in an unobtrusive manner; and finally, a guaranteed warranty.

Hikvision, by international-reputation alone, met this criteria. However, the warranty criterion was more than satisfied by Hikvision's ability to provide technical support in the native Russian language. Thus, Ti amo ownership quickly determined that Hikvision was the company for them.

Security Goals

Hikvision personnel determined a number of physical objectives. Primary among these were two goals: constant surveillance throughout interior hallways, dining areas, and entrance/exits; also a focus on specific coverage for sensitive areas (register, bar area, receipt containers, etc.).

Furthermore, Ti amo ownership wanted this CCTV system to achieve a variety of intangible goals. The ability to quickly, and non-confrontationally, improve both customer service and any possible customer/labor disputes; a tool to improve both server efficiency and overall customer service; and finally, a tool to study and retroactively devise prevention methods.

Most importantly, the goal was to provide for the wellbeing of both customers and staff alike, as well as give a strong deterrent (and tool for later apprehension) of any crime-related issues.

Hikvision's Security Tools

To achieve these varied goals, four Hikvision products were selected: the DS-2CD8153F-E2 MP Network Cube Camera, DS-2CD7153-E2 MP Network Mini Dome Camera, DS-2CD2032-I 3MP IR Bullet Network Camera, and DS-7608NI-SE/P Plug and Play PoE Network Video Recorder.

Overall, these three Hikvision cameras and one NVR model were put onto an IP-based CCTV system. This was done to take advantage of the recent boom in IP technology throughout Russia. As such, formerly cost-prohibitive IP usage has now become more economically efficient. Similarly, Plug and Play, PoE applications offers quick and easy deployment, and provide further savings in energy consumption and overall installation costs.

For sensitive areas (register, bar, etc.), the DS-2CD8153F-E 2 MP Network Cube Camera was chosen. The DS-2CD8153F-E's size fits perfectly into the ambiance of these specific locations; while 2 megapixel resolution and the color ability in low-light conditions makes it an ideal choice for keeping an eye on customers, staff, and the overall environment.

Additionally, a built-in microphone enables Ti amo staff to record conversations and monitors the situation. If a situation arises, Ti amo has found that this feature allows a more efficient and speedier ability to address it.

For the hallways and dining areas, the DS-2CD7153-E 2 MP Network Mini Dome Camera was called upon. As with the previous Hikvision camera, this mini dome's design - as well as its compact size - allows the DS-2CD7153-E to seamlessly blend into the interior of the restaurant and, importantly, not detract from the customers' experience.

Additionally, like the previous Hikvision cube, 2 megapixel resolution, color ability in low-light conditions, and HD 720p real-time video provide the tools to secure the most critical aspect of a restaurant - the customers' dining experience. Furthermore, IP66 protection protects against temperature variance and dust/moisture to allow the DS-2CD7153-E to be placed in the kitchen, dining areas, bathrooms, and virtually any other area with upmost confidence.

Outside, the DS-2CD2032-I 3MP IR Bullet Network Camera protects the restaurant's exterior and parking 24/7, while the DS-7608NI-SE/P Plug and Play PoE Network Video Recorder records all of these cameras' images. For Ti amo, it is security quality and versatility that leads to success.

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