Round Two: Hikvision Helps India’s Hospitals Score a Knockout

Round Two: Hikvision Helps India’s Hospitals Score a Knockout

For Deepanshu Girish Gupta, managing director and owner of Coral Infocom Private Ltd., Hikvision security products are not only good business sense, they are common sense: "We had such success in a previous similar project – our Clara Swain Hospital solution – that it would have been foolish to do anything differently."

Like the aforementioned Clara Swain solution, this project shares strong similarities: both are hospitals and both are located in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh – a northern state in the country of India; Mr. Gupta's company serves as system integrator for both.

Yet, there are differences: this new project, Bareilly's Medical College and Hospital, represents a larger facility and a larger challenge. Specifically, in this case, a solution encompassing over one kilometer of campus space was required. As such, Mr. Gupta devised a solution utilizing a plethora of Hikvision components:

• DS-2CC572P-M 540 TVL 1/3" CCD Day & Night Camera

• DS-2CC1192P(N)-IR3 650 TVL CCD IR Weather-proof Bullet Camera

• DS-2CC5132P-BL 500 TVL DIS Dome Camera

• DS-2CC197P(N)-A 540 TVL 1/3" CCD WDR ICR Day & Night Box Camera

• DS-7316HFI-S Embedded Net DVR

• DS-7216 HVI-ST Standalone DVR

And, intriguingly, the beauty of this solution is the fact that it is specifically designed to grow. "We've just completed Phase One of this project. Everything has gone so well, that this client has already ordered a large number of these additional Hikvision camera units for the next phase," Mr. Gupta explained.

An excellent example of this growth is the DS-7216 HVI-ST Standalone DVR. "This DVR was perfect for the initial requirements of the project. This hospital had a number of pre-existing CCTV cameras that they did not want to simply discard. As such, features such as up-to CIF/QCIF real-time resolution and up-to 4CIF resolution recording were perfect. Additionally, up-to 16-ch synchronous playback, dual stream support, and up-to 1024×768 VGA output resolution make this a quality product," noted Mr. Gupta.

Yet, with the introduction of these new, high-quality Hikvision cameras, an additional Hikvision DVR model was called for. Thus, the DS-7316 HFI-S Embedded Net DVR was called upon. In this case, an easy-to-operate and user-friendly menu allowed security employees to easily access features such as up-to 1024×768 VGA output resolution, the support of live view, backup / playback of high definition images; and digital zoom in live view / playback through the use of a mouse in PTZ control mode were all quickly utilized. Additionally, features such as redundant recording and hard disk group management are also available.

But, as Mr. Gupta expressed, the big key was improved resolution, "Our new requirement put a premium on sharper resolution, and this was achieved through the DVR’s 4CIF resolution real-time recording, as well as HDMI and VGA output at up-to 1920×1080P resolution."

In turn, this new emphasis on greater resolution allowed Hikvision's DS-2CC572P-M 540 TVL 1/3" CCD Day & Night Camera to really shine. Located throughout the interior on the hospital, the DS-2CC572P-M utilizes its compact structure design and is placed on both ceilings and walls. With features like a 1/3 inch SONY CCD, day / night auto switch, a low-illumination ability of 0.1Lux @ F1.2, and an auto white balance, auto gain control, electronic shutter control and backlight compensation; this dome camera prevents the common nuisances of pick-pocketing and the theft of costly medicine at the pharmacy, as well as improving the vital administrative function of tracking the movement of patients throughout the various wards. "From both a crime-preventive and logistical standpoints, this Hikvision dome has already improved security and efficiency," summed up Mr. Gupta.

Guarding the main entrance gates, and providing 30 meters of coverage, is Hikvision’s DS-2CC1192P(N)-IR3 650 TVL CCD IR Weather-proof Bullet Camera. Specifically, this bullet IR camera is placed on outdoor security guard stations at a height of 3.5 meters. Mr. Gupta noted, "This camera's IR functionality serves dual purposes. Obviously, it gives us great coverage in the evening. But, equally important, it also allows us coverage if there is a power outage … an unfortunate common occurrence in India … thus allowing our camera operators the ability to see who is coming-in and coming-out regardless of time or the functionality of this hospital’s external lights."

Additional bonuses, such as an IP66 weather rating come in very handy in the forgiving daytime heat and significantly cooler evenings. From a technical standpoint, a SONY Exview HAD CCD II, 0.001 Lux @ F1.2 (0 Lux with IR) minimum illumination, auto white balance, auto gain control, electronic shutter control and backlight compensation, as well as internal synchronization all promise top-of-line imaging results.

Conversely, providing coverage in the hospital's smaller – but administratively vital – three reception rooms is the DS-2CC5132P-BL 500 TVL DIS Dome Camera. These areas rely on this dome camera’s support of a 4 - 9mm varifocal lens and 3-axis (pan/tilt/rotation) adjustment positioning to allow for optimum camera rotation and placement to "get the perfect angle," as Mr. Gupta allowed.

Finally, the DS-2CC197P(N)-A 540 TVL 1/3" CCD WDR ICR Day & Night Box Camera is tasked with manning the main Out-Patient Department (OPD). Because of this particular area’s lighting conditions, a special camera was needed: "This room is largely surrounded by glass. As such, it suffers from extreme lighting challenges, and many cameras simply were not able to adjust to the bright days and dark nights," explained Mr. Gupta.

Fortunately, this Hikvision box camera employs a powerful 160× Wide Dynamic Range – perfectly suited for strong backlight environment of this OPD.  Mr. Gupta: "WDR was absolutely vital for this location, and Hikvision technology really came through for us."

Complementing this WDR is auto white balance, auto gain control, electronic shutter control, and backlight compensation; but more importantly is Hikvision's promise to both integrator and end-user: a solution that guarantees not only the success of your immediate project, but the success of future endeavors, as well.

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