Hikvision Providing Security for India's Clara Swain Hospital

Hikvision Providing Security for India's Clara Swain Hospital

In operation for roughly one and half years, a Hikvision-driven security solution has already provided a variety of benefits for India's Clara Swain Hospital. This hospital – located in the economically-vibrant city of Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh (a northern Indian state) – was suffering from "various troublemakers and individuals that really did not have any business being inside the hospital," explained Deepanshu Girish Gupta, managing director and owner of Coral Infocom Private Ltd. – the system integrator for this project.

Fortunately for the Clara Swain Hospital, Mr. Gupta's customized solution has greatly changed this dynamic: "Now, the hospital is far more secure and a safer place for both patients and employees. Moreover, we have also seen a great improvement in employee work performance. This is directly due to the Hikvision units we have installed," noted Mr. Gupta.

Protecting and Improving

This aforementioned solution features two Hikvision components: the DS-2CC 575P-M 540 TVL Low Illumination ICR Dome Camera and the DS-8116HFI-S Standalone DVR.

About 50 individual units of the DS-2CC575P-M Dome Camera were placed throughout the hospital's administrative offices, corridors, security areas, ward lobbies, operating facilities, patient waiting rooms, outpatient facilities, as well as the ICU, main entrance and emergency doors – essentially everywhere except the patient rooms. Mr. Gupta explained, "Obviously, from a privacy standpoint, we do not want cameras inside actual patient rooms. But, these patients are still secure based on the fact that the corridor areas leading to these rooms are secure."

Since all of the cameras are indoors, and as such, in a controlled-lighting environment, the DS-2CC 575P-M proved to be the perfect model for this solution. In particular, its compact design allowed this camera to be an unobtrusive tool, rather than big brother looking over patients and employees. "As noted, we were able to remove individuals that should not be at the hospital, and this was vital. But, also of importance, we greatly improved employee production by allowing managers a tool to review and correct errors. This camera proved to be a non-threatening benefit in helping the hospital run more efficiently," Mr. Gupta elaborated.

Technical features of the DS-2CC575P-M include a 1/3" SONY CCD, 540TVL Horizontal Resolution, electronic day / night, 0.1 Lux @ (F1.2, AGC ON) lighting range, and internal power synchronization.

Eyes on the Go


Hikvision's DS-8116HFI-S Standalone DVR allowed Clara Swain's administrators an additional element: the ability to view these Hikvision cameras … while these administrators are on the move.

Mr. Gupta explained the importance: "We chose the DS-8116HFI-S Standalone DVR primarily because of its quality and to give this customer the ability to remotely monitor cameras from their mobile phones. Due to this client's busy schedule, they are not generally in the office, ruling out the general PC-based viewing experience. Instead, we needed to allow 3 or 4 individuals to simultaneously see the cameras on their mobiles. Hikvision’s ivms-4500 software and dual-stream technology facilitated this process."

Furthermore, the up to 8 SATA HDD in each DS-8116HFI-S unit allows the recording space needed for a large hospital, as well as the "ability to future-proof this project," added Mr. Gupta.

Additional features, such as up to 1024×768 VGA output resolution, dual-stream support, and up to 16-ch synchronous playback, combine to make the DS-8116HFI-S a quality DVR that allows customers a wide variety of security options.

Clara Swain as a Role Model

The success of Hikvision at the Clara Swain Hospital has begun a security trend for Mr. Gupta and India’s hospitals.

Recently, Coral Infocom Private Ltd. completed a similar hospital solution. Notably, Mr. Gupta was able to utilize lessons from this Clara Swain solution as precedence: "The key for us is that Hikvision products work. For our customers, the success we have already enjoyed is proof that our Hikvision solutions will work for them, as well."

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