Striking the Jackpot on Hikvision-Secured Grounds

Striking the Jackpot on Hikvision-Secured Grounds

Santa Ana Star Casino
Whether you are keen to indulge in a game or two, help yourself to a sumptuous feast at the buffet restaurant, or relax and enjoy a live music performance by your favorite artiste, New Mexico's Santa Ana Star Casino comes to mind. But it is more than just a regular casino. It offers a great golf course, a 36-lane bowling alley and a ton of entertainment options for families and individuals. Needless to say, Santa Ana Star Casino is a hugely popular attraction among tourists and local residents in Santa Ana Pueblo, and there is only more room for growth.

Ocean's Eleven Are Not Welcome
While there are seasonal upswings in the number of patrons, the Santa Ana Star Casino has a well-established and loyal customer base. Indeed, with so many visitors comes greater responsibility. The casino is responsible for creating a safe and healthy environment for these regular and repeat visitors. Every casino requires a meticulous surveillance system to monitor all activities on its premises. We all enjoyed the Ocean's Eleven movies but not when we operate a top of the line casino. All casinos attract a wide variety of characters with unpredictable demographics. And therefore, they often fall prey to unlawful activities, be it cheating at games, theft, threats, and such. While Santa Ana Star Casino is no exception, it needs a top of the line system in view of its size. All activities must be conveniently monitored and necessary coordinated alerts must be generated 24/7. This system must also be able to integrate with their legacy windows-based system. In addition, the system must also sync with the casino's extensive database.

From Theory to Practice
Finding a vendor for this ideal solution was by no means a simple feat. This vendor must not only be high reputed, it must also have extensive experience in securing challenging settings like casinos that are always packed. After intense rounds of selections, Hikvision was shortlisted as the most suitable candidate to protect Santa Ana Star Casino from unauthorized and irregular activities, be it from disruptive staff or unruly patrons.

As a world-renowned player in the global surveillance industry, Hikvision boasts of immense experience with these state-of-the-art surveillance technologies. For Santa Ana Star Casino, the proposed system comprised the DS-2CD762MF-(I)FB(H) network cameras, the DS-9016HFI-S DVR recording system, and the iVMS-4000 software.

The DS-2CD762MF-(I)FB(H) network cameras have dimensions of 160mm x 134mm (6.30"×5.30"), small enough to be unnoticeable on the ceilings. It has a viewing range of 89° - 24°, supporting audio and video streams, with a maximum image resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels.

The DS-9016HFI-S DVR recording system offers H.264 video compression capabilities with a 4-channel 1080P real time recording and HDMI resolutions. It has advanced motion detection and supports up to 8 SATA hard disks. Finally, the iVMS-4000 software enables views from 64 cameras simultaneously. Up to 16 channels can be played back synchronously. Most importantly, the software enables a seamless integration of the cameras and recording system. In addition, with an easy backup function using USB and optical media, time stands still in the casino! Even an upgraded Ocean's Eleven has to think twice about breaching its defenses!

It Is Five Stars!
Before installing Hikvision's system, it was an impossible task to keep a close watch on the huge premises. The seemingly insurmountable challenge was addressed with Hikvision's state-of-the-art surveillance technologies. "It sets our minds at ease. Now I know everything is under control!" said Casino staff member who has been working there for 10 years. 

Dennis Edeal, Dir. of Surveillance of Santa Ana Star Casino, who was part of the steering committee for the project explained that "there were many choices. But Hikvision's solution provided was the most cost-effective. Integrating the components to build the system is never easy. But the support and service we received was the best of the best." Indeed, the system addressed the challenges and exceeded the expectations of Santa Ana Star Casino. It was a scalable system that will serve them well for a very long time. Yours truly, five stars!

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