Shell Oman Turns To Hikvision to Keep Employees and Customers Safe

Shell Oman Turns To Hikvision to Keep Employees and Customers Safe

With more than 150 stations all over Oman, Shell gasoline stations is one of the biggest petrol retailers in Oman providing clean and reliable fuels for Omanis across the country. As these customers and their vehicles flow in and out of stations nationwide every day, it is vitally important for Shell gasoline stations to guarantee the safety of the customers and employees with top-class surveillance products.

A reliable surveillance platform supporting high-definition video in preview and playback was necessary for Shell staff to clearly view license plates of vehicles entering or leaving the stations. If a crime is committed at the station or within the scope of surveillance, security staff could play back the video footage and provide the license plate numbers for police investigation or vehicle trace.

In addition, the high temperature in Oman would usually cause system failure or image distortion for surveillance products. Therefore, choosing reliable products with high-temperature resistance was another critical concern for Shell gasoline stations.

Hikvision, the leading digital surveillance product supplier, was asked to provide its high performance products to secure Shell gasoline stations across Oman. In total, 440 Hikvision DS-2CD853F-E 2-Megapixel network cameras and over 110 DS-9008HFI-S Hybrid DVRs were installed in more than 110 Shell gasoline stations throughout Muscat, the capital of Oman.

The Hikvision DS-2CD853F-E 2-Megapixel Network Camera adopts the MPEG4 / H.264 video codec based on TI's high performance DaVinci™ platform, offering exquisite video with resolution of up to 1600×1200 in real-time. Back light compensation and auto white balance are also supported for the product to capture clear image in various lighting conditions, which fully match the requirement of Shell gasoline stations, as there is a sharp illumination contrast in and outside the station during the day in particular. Most importantly, this product is weather-proof and can work stably for a long period of time under high-temperature conditions (-10°C ~ 60°C) dramatically reducing the maintenance cost.

Additionally, Hikvision DS-9008HFI-S Hybrid DVR uses the H.264 video codec and delivers real-time video in preview and playback with the resolution of up to 1280×720. It can work as a standalone Hybrid DVR supporting IP and analog cameras simultaneously in two ways: eight analog cameras plus eight 4CIF IP cameras, and eight analog cameras plus four 720p IP cameras. This enables the user to add up to eight analog cameras if needed. The user-friendly GUI of the DS-9008HFI-S comes with Windows-style interface and a pleasing, efficient operating panel for users to operate the device easily.

The DS-9008HFI-S Hybrid DVR features digital zoom in preview and playback, so that users can view images in great detail, especially the license plate of vehicles or images of people, which can be taken for reference when crimes or illegal activities, such as robbery or the drivers failed to pay for fuel, occurs.

"By using Hikvision's reliable cameras and DVRs, we can now provide a safer environment for our customers and employees. Along with four 2-Megapixel network cameras and one Hybrid DVR being installed in each station, every corner of the station is covered by the surveillance system, which helps to detect illegal activities effectively," said Salim Al Busaidy, manager of engineering department in Shell. “And next year, we will extend this project into all Shell gasoline stations throughout Oman with Hikvision's products."

Ulhas Godse, divisional manager of OHI Electronics, who is responsible for the installation of shell gasoline station project, said: "Unlike other IP CCTV solutions, the Hikvision IP CCTV solution is very user-friendly and bridges the gap between analog and IP. Their idea is to make it simple to the user without compromising on video quality."

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