Hikvision Enhances Security Level of Furnas Central Electric SA in Brazil

Hikvision Enhances Security Level of Furnas Central Electric SA in Brazil

Furnas Central Electric SA (FURNAS) delivers electricity to 51% of households in the southeastern and mid-western regions of Brazil. It is a leading energy company specializing in building and operating electrical power plants and transmission systems, connecting eight states and the Federal District.

FURNAS is responsible for generating and delivering power every day without interruption, while guaranteeing the safety of its people and assets. For these reasons, FURNAS wanted a surveillance system over IP network which was easy to manage and could deliver high-definition video in real-time to monitor the onsite status for smooth energy delivery. In the event of emergencies such as illegal activities and facilities malfunction, security staff could take quick action to reduce the loss and avoid interruption. In addition, FURNAS needed to upgrade the existing surveillance system, which couldn't fully satisfy the requirement of easy expansion and integration.

FURNAS selected the Hikvision H.264 compression card for its sophisticated technology, ease of use and integration, as well as reliable performance, to secure entrances and critical areas such as the control centre, data rooms and machine rooms.

With the most advanced H.264 video codec optimized by Hikvision and the advantage of high video quality and low bit rate, Hikvision compression cards have the capability to adjust the high-quality digital video streams into different resolutions and frame rates depending on the bandwidth, for video transmission over an IP network. This product ensures smooth video processing and maximizes the use of network resource with narrow network bandwidth occupation.

With more than 60 monitoring sites all around FURNAS, it was essential that security staff should be able to view multiple scenes from one monitor. In the past, to achieve this, the compression cards FURNAS used were embedded in four PCs to review the video footage, as the product could only support 16 channels review simultaneously. However, by using Hikvision H.264 compression cards which support up to 64 channels review simultaneously, FURNAS now only needs one PC with an embedded Hikvision compression card for monitoring. This has simplified management and control, and also enables the security staff to get to know the onsite status more timely with up to 64-channel review on one screen.

Harlei Almeida, product manager of Interimagem, the installer of this FURNAS project, said: "It is a good choice to select compression cards from Hikvision. Their products are well engineered and easy to operate for us to quickly check the on-site status and minimize the possible damage."

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