India's New Delhi University Turns to Hikvision for CCTV Solution

India's New Delhi University Turns to Hikvision for CCTV Solution
They say good things come to those who wait. For Akshat Srivastava, CEO at the Indian-based electronic security company Alvarion Vision, this motto could not have been truer. When a government-sponsored CCTV solution project at the Delhi College of Arts & Commerce and the Shiva Ji College – both part of Delhi University in New Delhi, India – was in the process of being awarded; the government wanted absolute assurance that any security products be of the highest quality.
"The government was not about to compromise on any aspects of quality for this university project. There were numerous instances of other vendors failing for this very reason. In fact, the entire process took 7 months from first demonstration to installation, but Hikvision always impressed,” explained Mr. Srivastava.
Answering the Challenge: Indoors
The University of Delhi’s main goal was three-fold: improve student safety, reduce instances of theft, and provide accurate 24/7 surveillance over the aforementioned colleges. Mr. Srivastava decided a centralized analog CCTV solution featuring 6 Hikvision products would most successfully, and economically, satisfy these goals.
Taking advantage of this camera’s compact design, and placed throughout the colleges’ corridors, is the DS-2CC5192P Low-Light Dome Camera. Since no cameras are located within classrooms, the DS-2CC5192P’s role takes on added importance. As such, great resolution clarity was required to identify students and faculty from others that should not be inside university premises. The DS-2CC5192P’s 650 TVL provides the required high resolution demanded for this task.

Additionally, while the bulk of the University adheres to conventional 10 – 5 working hours, this dome’s Super Low Illumination feature often is not needed. However, noting the similarity in model number, Hikvision’s DS-2CC5192P-IR3 IR Weather-Proof Dome Camera is duly tasked with a similar objective; but one that carries a sizable caveat. As noted, the majority of the University’s corridors are unoccupied, but for an important series of these corridors, additional coverage is needed. In this case, the DS-2CC5192P-IR3’s up-to 40 meters of IR range and 650 TVL high resolution is invaluable for security personnel to monitor; and – if needed – provide indisputable video evidence, after the fact.
Answering the Challenge: Outdoors
Paralleling these are two other Hikvision models: the DS-2CC192P-IR3 IR Bullet Camera and the DS-2CC192P-IR5 IR Bullet Camera. But unlike the previous 5192P models that are used for the colleges’ indoor corridors, these DS-2CC192P-IR models are responsible for protecting Delhi University’s outdoor areas.
In particular, both models are placed at the university’s main gate, college entrances and exits, and perimeter areas (including open grounds, such as playing fields and the students’ quad).
However, due to the logistical reality of this solution being located in India, these perimeter aspects take on an additional challenge – namely climate. Mr. Srivastava explained, “India’s weather can be absolutely brutal. The daytime conditions are almost diametrically opposed to the nighttime conditions. In effect, these cameras go through scorching heat in the day and bitter cold in the evening. Additionally, there are the monsoon seasons that inundate India with rain and humidity.”
As such, both cameras’ IP66 rating is essential to not only operate – but continue successfully operating – outside on New Delhi University’s campus.
Additionally, while both cameras have the same “general” responsibilities, there are marked differences – hence the differing IR ranges.
For the DS-2CC192P-IR3, and its differing IR range of up-to a maximum of 60 meters, it is perfect for the colleges’ entrances and similarly-tasked perimeter locations. However, for surveillance needs requiring a longer distance, the DS-2CC192P-IR5’s 50 to 60 meters of IR range is perfect. In the case of this university, the main exit provides a perfect example of this need: an area requiring extended coverage to identify, and track, leaving individuals.
Either way, both cameras’ excellent resolution (650 TVL high resolution for the DS-2CC192P-IR3 and 420/480/540TVL for the DS-2CC192P-IR5) provide the detailed clarity necessary for security personnel to successfully accomplish their goals.
Finally, Hikvision’s DS-7204HVI-SN and 7208HVI-SN Standalone DVR models are connected to LAN cables and LCD screens in the security guard’s office and in select university administrators’ offices. Regardless, 4/8/16-ch synchronous playback and up-to 4CIF resolution recording allow officials the ability to immediately, and clearly, view the many Hikvision cameras throughout the 2 campuses.
As Mr. Srivastava explained, “The success of our Hikvision tools at the prestigious Delhi University has literally opened the door for new security solutions at a variety of other universities throughout India. Hikvision and Alvarion Vision’s future is very bright in India.”

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