World-Class Abu Dhabi Facility Rides Hikvision Technological Knowhow

World-Class Abu Dhabi Facility Rides Hikvision Technological Knowhow

In most countries, dependency issues are either quietly ignored, misunderstood, or lumped into a general deviant-behavior bin. In any of these cases, the financial commitment dedicated towards treatment options is generally ... less than stellar.

In the UAE, this is not the case. The National Rehabilitation Center, located in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, is a prime example of this commitment. Not only does this facility hire medical specialists of all varieties from around the world, it spends - on average - over US$350,000 per patient on their treatment.

This National Rehabilitation Center's architectural makeup provides a revealing security example. The overall facility can be thought of as two parallel entities, duly named Complex 1 and Complex 2, with the former being built earlier.

Despite great financial input, Complex 1 suffered a series of security setbacks. These ranged from serious lighting / glare camera issues, to overall CCTV system instability. So, when opening Complex 2, administrators chose a different approach for their security needs.

Complex 2

Specifically, administrators demanded significant improvement on these issues. As such, CCTV-solution presentations were required of any integrator / installer that was interested in fulfilling Complex 2's security needs.

UAE's Euro Technology - a regional security integrator / installer - offered a presentation that promised to both fulfill the client's needs and:

• dramatically improve camera performance
• dramatically improve CCTV performance and eliminate noted deficiencies
• dramatically improve overall solution stability
• use Hikvision technology to achieve all of the above

To understand these larger improvements, it is important to first understand the Hikvision technology behind them.

The Hikvision Advantage

The nuts & bolts of improvement were Hikvision's DS-2CD8255F-EI 2MP IR Low-light Bullet Camera, DS-2DF7274-A 1.3 MP Network IR Speed Dome, DS-2CD755F-EI 2MP Low-light Indoor Dome Camera, and Hikvision's own iVMS-4200 Management Software to control the solution.

However, each was chosen for a specific task and to improve a specific deficiency.

The DS-2CD8255F-EI 2MP IR Bullet Network Camera was chosen for general perimeter security. Placed on walls, or ascending poles, this outdoor camera utilizes its IP66 rating to achieve performance stability and its up-to 30m IR range to allow clarity even in zero light.

Mohammad Maarouf, Euro Technology's Project Manager on this job, explained: "This overall facility houses two security offices, one main, the other supplemental. In the case of the DS-2CD8255F-EI, it would fall under the main security office's jurisdiction. However, in the bigger picture, both security offices' performance greatly improved with Hikvision resolution. The DS-2CD8255F-EI provides HD1080p real-time video recording, as well as IR and True Day / Night functionality ... in the case of a power outage shutting down both the perimeter and inner-court lights. Our solution also provides a 10-hour camera power backup, making features such as night-time IR very important, if the lights do go out."

The DS-2DF7274-A IR Network High Speed Dome compliments this perimeter strategy. However in this case, the DS-2DF7274-A places the finer touches on overall perimeter security.

Strategically placed on border areas, the main entrance, and the "open courtyard" separating Complexes 1 & 2; the DS-2DF7274-A utilizes a 20x optical zoom feature to get the required close-ups.

Euro & Hikvision Technology Inside

Complex 2's interior utilizes the DS-2CD755F-EI 2MP Low-light Indoor Dome Camera for, well, virtually every interior room. This encompasses sleeping areas to general recreation rooms, and everything in-between.

Underscoring this usage is the camera's full-HD 1080P real-time video ability to provide near-perfect clarity in each of these similar, yet still different, environments.

Furthermore, as Mr. Maarouf noted, "The DS-2CD755F-EI is great indoors because it adds both an outdoor IR and True Day / Night element. Where our Hikvision outdoor cameras use both for zero, or near-zero, darkness, the DS-2CD755F-EI uses this to bring clarity to darkened corridors and shadows ... we can still see color, when applicable, and full IR if needed, These, and IRC functionality, provide the best possible picture for security, irregardless of specific light."

Hikvision iVMS & Support

Mr. Maarouf believes Hikvision's iVMS-4200 software epitomizes the overall Hikvision advantage at this UAE National Rehabilitation Center. "In all honestly, we are blown-away by Hikvision's support. When we were initially designing this project, Hikvision engineers provided unbelievable service and support. In fact, in over a year, we have not had one single camera failure. Furthermore, iVMS-4200 has brought both foreseen and unforeseen advantages," Mr. Maarouf explained.

One example Mr. Maarouf noted is that CPU usage has been reduced from Complex 1's 90% load to Complex 2's now miniscule 20%. Results such as these, combined with stability improvements (no delays / crashes), has led facility administrators to grant Euro Technology a new contract to duplicate its Complex 2 success in the security-problematic Complex 1 - a transfer set to take effect in mid-2014.

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