Specific Hikvision Tools for Specific Security Purposes – Brazil's Highest Levels

Specific Hikvision Tools for Specific Security Purposes – Brazil's Highest Levels

Within the heart of Brazil's Federal District lies the capital city of Brasilia: a location where the nation's core governmental institutions and facilities are located. But, nestled among these governmental buildings sits Itamaraty Palace - the head office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Naturally, as Brazil's direct connection to the rest of the world, this facility takes on an additional dimension of security importance. In 2010, the decision was made to secure this facility with a state-of-the-art surveillance program; and as such, 2011 brought a series of Hikvision products into Itamaraty Palace – marking the first instance of a Brazilian governmental facility to enjoy this level of high-tech surveillance protection.

The Bread & Butter of Palace Security
Befitting such an important building, Hikvision rolled out four different high-tech cameras to provide ideal coverage over a variety of specific locations and varying circumstances. This comprehensive package included the DS-2CD7133-E VGA Vandal-proof Network Mini Dome Camera, the DS-2CD712F-E Network Dome Camera, the DS-2DF1-516 Network High Speed Dome, and the DS-2DF1-517-B WDR Network High Speed Dome.

"Each of these Hikvision models was selected for a precise purpose. But, they all have in common the same great Hikvision technology, providing both 24/7 surveillance and 24/7 confidence – exactly what a project of this stature required," noted Alvaro de Souza, CCTV manager at VMI Sistemas de Seguranca – Hikvision's official distributor in Brazil; and an integration partner in this project.

In the case of the DS-2CD7133-E VGA Network Mini Dome Camera, this model was placed in a variety of locations throughout the facility. "We needed a small camera, something not immediately noticeable, to place in both indoor and outdoor locations," explained Mr. Souza.

But, this versatility required a unique technology-set to successfully accomplish its goal in these many different locations: "For example, for units placed on the roof – both inside and out – required the DS-2CD7133-E to provide excellent coverage ... as well as the  ability to see wide areas of real estate,  due to sight-obstruction issues from ongoing construction," explained Mr. Souza.

This construction, a natural extention of the architecturally-beautiful Itamaraty Palace's 40 years of service, was an aspect that VMI took into account. Yet, regardless of any modifications achieved through modernization, nothing would change the fact that many of the conditions – indoors included – were not truly environmentally secure.

Fortunately, the vandal-proofing on these units also serve as weatherproofing, thereby allowing the DS-2CD7133-E to seamlessly operate in outdoor, semi-outdoor, and totally-indoor environments. Complimenting this vandal-proofing is a 1/4" progressive scan CMOS, H.264 / MPEG4 / MJPEG video compression, super-low illumination, a day / night auto switch, 3-axis adjustment, an IP66 rating, and PoE.

Securing the indoor corridors is Hikvision's DS-2CD712F-E Network Dome Camera. Chosen for its vari-focal lens, allowing precise focus and control in rooms of vastly varying dimensions, the DS-2CD712F-E’s "proved perfect for this specific digital application," Mr. Souza related.

Additionally, a high-performance Sony CCD, H.264 / MPEG-4 dual stream real-time video compression, SDHC card local storage, and support IE client for network preview all help the DS-2CD712F-E to overcome Itamaraty Palace’s architectural challenges.

With the indoors already confidently secure, the outdoor arena required a different technological skill-set. Due to the differing circumstances, two Hikvision models were employed to provide coverage. The first was for low-light areas, such as the corners of buildings and parking areas – so, the DS-2DF1-516 Network High Speed Dome fit-this-bill perfectly.

Designed with up to a 36× optical zoom, a powerful PTZ control, 3D intelligent positioning and true day / night functionality all allow this camera to optimally track movement; such as individuals or automobiles moving – regardless of lighting conditions.

Finally, the outdoor compliment: Hikvision's DS-2DF1-517-B WDR Network High Speed Dome. With additional features, such as a 128× wide dynamic range, 3D noise reduction, and an IP66 rating; this unit is a perfect outdoor speed dome to "monitor non-controlled lighting environments," Mr. Souza explained. "We installed the DS-2DF1-517-B for the borders of this building, where certain areas do not have much light, and others vary in brightness depending on the time of day. The low shutter of this model is ideal since it allows more light to enter the lens," he contiuned.

A Cherry on Top
While Digifort video management software is used to control all IP speed domes, the DS-1000KI Network Keyboard adds the final touch of Hikvision value to this solution. Mr. Souza explains, "If there is an unforseen problem, and the software stops functioning, this keyboard's joystick still recognizes every Hikvision speed dome; allowing security personnel to control the overall solution through this IP keyboard."

The Bigger Picture
This solution for the Itamaraty Palace is not only a security issue. Moreover, it is a matter of national and international pride. When governments think of Brazil, they think of their diplomats' experiences and high-level governmental dealings. These happen in the Itamaraty Palace, and as such, this solution's quality must match the importance attached to it.

"The big thing to understand is: this literally represents Brazil's largest, and most ambitious, governmental project to date. In many senses, this is a case study for future governmental projects. Utilizing Hikvision products is an acknowledgement of the quality and value they bring to a project," Mr. Souza summed up.

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