Special DVR for Special Olympics – Hikvisoin Secures Shanghai Special Olympics

Special DVR for Special Olympics – Hikvisoin Secures Shanghai Special Olympics

Special Olympics, based on Olympic spirit, is an international athletic competition dedicated to individuals with intellectual disabilities. The latest Summer Special Olympics was successfully held Oct. 2 to 11, 2007 in Shanghai, China. This is the first time for Special Olympics to be held in Asia. Thousands of Special Olympic athletes, coaches, celebrities, delegation officials, and family members of athletes, as well as volunteers from more than 170 countries, were all converged in Shanghai. With so many people gathering at Special Olympics, it is critical to provide a secured environment for the safety of all involved in the Games


The priority in security for Special Olympics is to have a centralized platform to manage the surveillance systems in the stadium, and to help ensure absolute security for those involved in all aspects of the Games.
In addition, security staffs need to keep an eye on all the events within and around the premise. Real‐time viewing and high‐definition playback features of surveillance products, therefore, are one of the major concerns. 
As the key partner of Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau, Hikvision advised on the best possible technologies solution for Special Olympics' specific requirements, and took care of the supply and installation of the surveillance system along with Yonghui Electronics, Hikvision's partnered installer. At Special Olympics, over 140 cameras were installed in four stadiums – Shanghai Eight‐thousand People Stadium for opening ceremony, Shanghai Jiangwan Stadium for closing ceremony, as well as Shanghai Changning Stadium and Shanghai Jing'an Stadium for most of the athletic games. Special Olympics, therefore, used HIKVISION DS‐8016HFI‐S Network DVR to connect to the cameras to monitor and manage the system from the central monitoring station.
DS‐8016HFI‐S, Hikvision's third generation Network DVR, is an excellent match for the requirement of the Special Olympics. The product has 16‐channel video input and 16‐channel audio input. Each video input can support up to 4CIF resolution in real time, using the‐state‐of‐the‐art H.264 video compression algorithm, and supports network voice talk as well as local and remote control of PTZ, all of which fully met the requirements demanded by high‐profile events such as Special Olympics. Additionally, Hikvision DS‐8016HFI‐S is technologically reliable in the long term and can easily be upgraded with add‐on functionalities and features.
Besides, DS‐8016HFI‐S is extremely simple to operate. At security control center where stadium security staffs monitor activities in all the venues, Hikvision DS‐8016HFI‐S Network DVR delivers high quality video in real time for the security personnel to know what's happening on the site. Whenever there is a suspect, the security system mostly made up by Hikvision Net DVRs would trigger alerts for security cameras to follow the suspect until he/she is brought under control. 
"Hikvision's reputation and capability to offer end‐to‐end solutions including all the necessary services such as technical consulting, installation, tuning and training, made it the obvious choice for Special Olympics. The DVR is easy to use and works the way it is expected to be," said the project manager of Yonghui Electronics.

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