Hikvision's Products Deployed in Military Command of the East in Brazil

Hikvision's Products Deployed in Military Command of the East in Brazil

Located inside the Duque de Caxias Palace, the Military Command of the East is one of the seven Military Commands of Brazilian Army and responsible for securing the states of Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo. Given the extraordinary needs for security and secrecy in the Defense Department, an advanced surveillance system with rigorous standards was required.

The Eastern Military Command required video surveillance products with high‐definition video in real‐time and featuring 36X optical zoom with 360° inspection, in order to provide a secure environment and safeguard the people and assets 24/7.

The military command selected 2-megapixel CMOS-based network cameras, high-speed domes and H.264 compression cards from Hikvision, the leading digital surveillance products supplier, to secure its command headquarters.

The Hikvision 2-megapixel CMOS-based network camera delivers clear video with resolution of up to 1600×1200 in real-time, using the MPEG4 / H.264 video codec based on TI's high performance DaVinci™ platform. With features such as digital zoom and ePTZ, security staff are able to zoom for specific details by clicking the mouse. If an emergency or illegal activity occurs, the perpetrators can be identified quickly and easily. Local storage on SD/SDHC cards is supported for continuous recording even under network failure, effectively preventing video data loss.

A pan range of 360° enables the Hikvision high-speed dome to keep an eye on every corner of the military command day and night. The speed dome features 36x optical zoom for long-distance monitoring with high video quality. Additionally, the speed domes were installed on the boundary walls of the command to monitor the surrounding areas as well, alerting the security staff to unexpected events or incursions. In addition, the product supports weather proof (IP66 standard) and can work stably under high-temperature condition (-30°C ~ 60°C), which fits very well in the tough environment of the area where this command located.

Apart from the megapixel network cameras and high-speed domes, Hikvision’s H.264 compression cards with real-time recording and dual steam were also utilized to secure the military command. 

"Compared to other video surveillance products, Hikvision's products are more reliable and stable," said Leonardo Ferreira, sales manager of Interimagen, the integrator of this project. "The real-time monitoring with supreme video quality provided by Hikvision products helps us get access to the on-site security status timely and clearly, which increases the security of the military command to a higher level."

"Brazil is a fiercely competitive security and surveillance market, but yet Hikvision stands out from the crowd with its industry-leading products and technologies, and the success in this project is exactly a good example of customer recognition," said Dani Wang, Hikvision's South America regional sales manager. "We will continue to provide customers with more advanced products and solutions to take Hikvision deeper into this market."

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