Hikvision Providing Security for Hungary Telecommunication Company

Hikvision Providing Security for Hungary Telecommunication Company

Throughout Hungary, Magyar Telekom Nyrt. is one of the most prominent telecommunications providers – something akin to AT&T in the United States. Just as AT&T Stores dot the American landscape, Magyar Telekom's T-Pont stores are liberally spread throughout Hungary. But, Magyar Telekom is undergoing a security progress, and appropriately, this development is beginning in the nation's largest city and capital – Budapest.

A Unique Challenge
T-Pont stores provide a special security challenge based upon the fact that they are simultaneously consumer retail outlets, and due to the nature of the product, IT intensive facilities. As such, Magyar Telekom made the choice to divide these two aspects, security-wise.

To do so, a unique NVR was needed. Bernat Solyom, Technical Product Manager at RIEL Elektronikai Kft. – the Integrator of this project – chose Hikvision's DS-9632NI-ST Embedded NVR to achieve the goal. "There were a number of important requirements, but the DS-9632NI-ST's dual Ethernet ports allowed us to utilize two networks – one for T-Pont's CCTV system and one for its IT needs. But importantly, aspects such as this successful dual Ethernet capability are but one extension of Hikvision's overall quality."

This was not the only challenge the DS-9632NI-ST overcame. Chief among them were storage and live streaming concerns for the many cameras connected to it. Mr. Solyom noted the DS-9632NI-ST internal storage capabilities also offered cost-savings and increased efficiency.

Additionally, the  DS-9632NI-ST's 32-channel IP camera input HDMI and VGA output at up-to 1920 x 1080P resolution, and digital zoom on live view and playback capability allowed Magyar Telekom a vital service: the ability to remotely view the T-Pont stores in real-time.

Mr. Solyom explained, "This NVR allows management and security staff at Magyar Telekom’s headquarters to access the live video stream and view/save/download all of their Hikvision-integrated T-Pont stores throughout the country. This streaming capability is critical to this particular solution and Magyar Telekom's needs. We found this streaming performance to be excellent, but importantly, all of this can be achieved with low bandwidth with no quality loss."

Addressing Specific Needs
As noted, due to the nature of these T-Pont stores, the challenges were multifold. To address the more conventional retail aspect, Hikvision's DS-2CD753F-E(I) 2.0 Megapixel Vandal Proof IR Dome Camera and DS-2CD853F-E 2.0 Megapixel CMOS-based Network Camera were chosen. With two different models, it should come as no surprise that both have different coverage responsibilities.

Providing general overall surveillance for the stores is the DS-2CD753F-E 2.0 Megapixel Vandal Proof Dome Camera. Specifically, this dome is placed throughout the main floor, the entrances, and importantly, the cashier areas. While many retail outlets only have one cashier area, this is not the case with T-Pont stores. Instead, there are multiple cashier locations, and as such, each of them has an adjacent DS-2CD753F-E to provide coverage of these vulnerable areas.

Mr. Solyom explained, "The DS-2CD753F-E works well with our chosen NVR unit and the 2 megapixel resolution is very important for the cash area. Not only can we can we monitor the actual transaction in great resolution, we can also identify individuals, should any future problems arise."

Additionally, the DS-2CD753F-E fits into the stores aesthetic design. These domes are placed on the ceilings, which are uniformly painted white. As the base of this Hikvision model is white, only the actual dome is visible to the customers – providing a more discreet appearance and an overall friendlier customer shopping experience.

Complimenting this dome is the DS-2CD853F-E 2.0 Megapixel CMOS-based Network Camera. Unlike the previous dome camera's general usage, the DS-2CD853F-E is primarily charged with one objective: to deter shoplifting. Due to these differing goals, this network camera is prominently placed in areas that historically have had high theft issues.

Not only does this provide a powerful visible deterrent to would-be shoplifters, 2 megapixel technology gives T-Pont employees the technological tools should this deterrent not prove sufficient.

But in areas where customers are not directly concerned, security still is. As most T-Pont stores are located in large Budapest shopping malls, the back door takes on extra importance. Not only is this the primary employee entrance/exit, but it also serves a variety of logistical needs.

In addition to this entrance/exit, other areas in the back of the store, such as the "server room" (where much of the CCTV hardware and other computer equipment is located), are vital to the functioning of these T-Pont stores. While neither of these locations is open to the general public, security concerns are obviously still paramount.

As such, Hikvision's DS-2CD753F-EI 2.0 Megapixel Vandal Proof Network Dome Camera is charged to protect locations such as this. As with the previous two cameras, 2 megapixel resolution provides the detail required, while the ability to function in zero-light environments provides the tools needed outdoors, as well as in rooms where the light is turned off.

Ultimately, it is this amalgamation of quality,technological features and low TCO that persuaded RIEL Elektronikai Kft. to choose Hikvision. And just as a variety of Hikvision products were used to address a variety of specific T-Pont challenges, RIEL Elektronikai Kft. strives to provide support, installation, and flexibility for each and every individual solution.

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