Hikvision Helps Denmark's House of Amber Upgrade without the Drama

Hikvision Helps Denmark's House of Amber Upgrade without the Drama

As any movie fan would know, the idea of knocking off a bank or jewelry store makes for a great plot device.

But in the real world, while not nearly as exciting or thrilling, the threat is still real. In order to prevent any real-life action movies to occur, in October 2011, Denmark's world-famous jeweler House of Amber decided to upgrade their existing CCTV system at their hybrid museum-flagship store in Copenhagen. As one of the city's main tourist attractions, this was done to ensure the security of both products and customers; as well as to continue the brand's reputation as a world leader in Amber jewelry since 1933.


IP Cameras
Continuing the global security trend of focusing on future-proofing, Danish system integrator Dynateam A/S, along with the Danish distributer ALSO Actebis A/S, combined to provide House of Amber's unique facility a solution that simultaneously upgraded, maintained, and future-proofed an already-existing CCTV system.


Obviously, the issue of IP was paramount – but primarily in a future-proofing sense. While a percentage of IP cameras are currently utilized, it was deemed cost prohibitive to make a wholesale switch from analog at this time.


However, one such IP camera was seen to be too valuable to wait for: Hikvision's DS-2CD852MF-E 2.0 Megapixel Network Camera. Boasting features such as H.264 / MPEG4 dual stream video compression, high-resolution video preview (1600x1200 pixels), SDHC card for local storage, and motion detection and PC client notification – this camera is the definition of high-quality technology.


But, there were other benefits this IP camera offered that transcended its already-impressive spec sheet; and convinced Jens Ole Nielsen – Senior Consultant at Dynateam A/S – to choose this Hikvision model: “First, the hardware in this camera is second-to-none, quality vs. value wise – it's brilliant. Obviously, many factors come into play when deciding to purchase one particular camera, or conversely – not purchase one particular camera, but technology and quality are issues that cannot be brushed aside. For these reasons, the DS-2CD852MF-E 2.0 is our number one camera for retail projects like House of Amber."


Mr. Nielsen continued, "Additionally, PoE [Power over Ethernet] makes installing the camera much easier, since we only need one outlet. As well, the vari-focal lens is greatly important. Many comparable cameras only offer a fixed lens; but with the DS-2CD852MF-E 2.0's adjustable focal lens, our customers can vary between a high millimeter optical zoom for close-ups, and a vari-focal lens for further away images."


For House of Amber, this vari-focal feature was especially important since store security wanted the ability for wide-angle pictures above 90° of the image, as well as the ability for high-resolution close-up images … all without pixilation. Mr. Nielsen related, "In regards to this specific camera, and this specific market and price range, there are no other competitors that can offer the quality and technological innovation that Hikvision does. Additionally, the support from Hikvision distributor ALSO Actebis A/S has been great. This is in terms of recommending the right solution, and doing so with great flexibility."


Analog to IP
Since it was not feasible to replace every existing analog camera with an IP counterpart, a decision was made to convert existing analog into IP signals within the overall Milestone video management software (VMS). Mr. Nielsen noted “Hikvision products are fully compatible with Milestone, and that is why we chose their DS-6104HCI-IP Digital Video Server to accomplish this goal. In fact, for CCTV solutions such as this, we almost always combine the DS-6104HCI-IP with Milestone."


Additionally, the issue of future-proofing was also addressed with this Hikvision model: "The scalability of this solution was very important. If House of Amber later wants additional sensors or alarms, they can seamlessly utilize IO ports for the integration of these applications."


In the meantime, Hikvision technology such as high performance DSP hardware compression, H.264 video compression, dual streams, variable bit rate and frame rate support, multi-zone motion detection and private masking, as well as multi-level user access management ensure great functionality and quality from the DS-6104HCI-IP.


Yet, it is not simply the addition of a number of security components that represent this overall solution. Instead, it is in a synergy of Hikvision high technology and quality that Copenhagen's world-famous House of Amber truly benefits. In effect – a promise to each future generation of amber-enthusiastic customers, and the products, that enthrall them. 

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