PoE Midspan

  • 1-ch input and 2-ch output PoE relay function
  • Supports EXTEND mode of PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) output interface: the transmission distance of a single-stage network can be extended to 250 meters when EXTEND mode is enabled
  • Uses standard Cat. 5e twisted pair. For 10/100 Mbps mode, the repeater supports 4-stage cascade and the max. transmission distance reaches 500 meters (terminal power consumption < 5W). For EXTEND mode, the max. transmission distance reaches 400 meters (terminal power consumption < 5W)
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  • General
  • EFTNetwork port: ±2 KV
  • Dimensions(W*H*D)71.6 × 26.1 × 95.5 mm (2.8 × 1.0 × 3.8 inch)
  • Working Temperature-30 ºC to +70 ºC (-22 ºF to +158 ºF)
  • Working Humidity10% to 90%
  • Weight0.3 Kg (0.7 lb)
  • MTBF100000 hours
  • ESDContact discharge: ±7 KV Air discharge: ±9 KV
  • SurgePower port: Line-to-ground: ±2 KV; Line-to-line: 1 KV Network port: Line-to-ground: ±4 KV
  • Consumption< 2W
  • Dimensions (W×H×D)71.6 × 26.1 × 95.5 mm (2.8 × 1.0 × 3.8 inch)
  • External Interface
  • Audio Input/Output1-ch 10/100BaseT(X) and IEEE 802.3at standard of PD connection.2-ch 10/100BaseT(X) and IEEE 802.3af standard of PSE outputs.



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