128-ch 4U 4K DeepinMind Super NVR

  • Intelligent analytics based on deep learning algorithm
  • Up to 96-ch perimeter protection
  • Up to 48-ch facial recognition for video stream, or up to 96-ch facial recognition for face picture
  • Up to 48-ch video structuralization
  • Up to 40-ch throwing objects from building
  • Up to 128 channel IP cameras can be connected
  • 24 HDD can be used for continuous video recording
  • Up to 20-ch 1080p decoding capability
  • Up to 512 Mbps incoming and outgoing bandwidth
  • Redundant power supply
  • 7-inch LCD touch-screen
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Available models:



  • Facial Recognition
  • Facial Detection and AnalyticsFace picture comparison, human face capture, face picture search
  • Face Picture LibraryUp to 64 face picture libraries, with up to 500,000 face pictures in total (each picture ≤ 6 MB, total capacity ≤ 40 GB)
  • Facial Detection and Analytics Performance48-ch 4 MP human face capture (HD network camera, up to 8 MP, H.264/H.265)
  • Face Picture Comparison96-ch face picture comparison alarm
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Human/Vehicle AnalysisUp to 96-ch 2 MP (H.264/H.265) video analysis for human and vehicle recognition to reduce false alarm
  • Video Structuralization
  • Structured AnalysisUp to 48-ch 2 MP (H.264/H.265) video structured analysis
  • Throwing Objects from Building
  • CapabilityUp to 32-ch 2 MP (H.264/H.265) video analysis
  • Video and Audio
  • IP Video Input128-ch Up to 12 MP resolution *: When ultra HD resolution mode is enabled, 32 MP and 24 MP is only available for channel 1 to channel 4.
  • HDMI Output