Security has always been a critical component in the banking industry. Financial institutions require top-level solutions and an agile response to events. But security devices themselves are best when they go unnoticed, an attribute that helps maintain a safe and comfortable transaction environment. Beyond security, bank operations continue to become more sophisticated, so you may also be interested in tools that maximize efficiency, simplicity, and organization.

With AI-enabled products, Hikvision proudly offers a complete solution that not only improves security in day-to-day operations, but also continually builds trust with customers.

Take advantage of the most advanced technologies and keep your bank secure, efficient, and relevant in this ever-changing digital age.


High Definition Surveillance

  • A cost-effective transition from analog to IP. 
  • Helps bank management secure its personnel and operations.
  • Ensures safety of customer assets inside the bank.

Intelligent Application

  • Monitors and secures the bank through advanced VCAs.
  • Improves customer experience using queue detection, people counting, and more.

Centralized Management

  • All devices can be managed easily on a Central Management System (CMS).
  • Integrates CCTV system, alarm system, access control system, and more.

Maintenance Management

  • Health monitoring helps discern the status of devices & storage in a comprehensive and intuitive way.
  • Improves system functionality and maintainability.




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