General Purpose Server

  • Home Page ● Providing two predefined Home page modes on Web Client, including system installation and management mode, security control and management mode ● Supports customizing Home page mode on Web Client ● Supports customizing control panel on Control Client ● Supports switching Home page mode for visualization and non-visualization management ● Providing different report dashboards for resource status, access records, vacant parking spaces, alarms, etc., on the Home page of Web Client
  • Wizard ● Providing wizards for video management, access control, vehicle management, alarm detection on Web Client
  • Live View and Playback ● Custom window division configurable ● Viewing maps and real-time events during live view and playback ● Stream type self-adaptive, transcoded playback, and frame- extracting playback ● Fisheye dewarping of multi-channel ● Controlling PTZ in visualization way ● Supports decoding stream from cameras with high-definition, such as PanoVu series camera
  • Person and Visitor Management ● Getting person information from added devices ● Provides multiple types of credentials, including card number, face, and fingerprint, for composite authentications
  • Event and Alarm Management ● Camera linkage, alarm pop-up window and multiple linkage actions ● Multiple events for video security, access control, resource group, resource maintenance, etc. ● Supports adding combined alarms in a visualization way
  • Network Management ● Managing network transmission devices such as switches, displaying the network connection and hierarchical relationship of the managed resources by a topology ● Viewing the network details between the device nodes in the topology, such as downstream and upstream rate, port information, etc. and checking the connection path ● Exporting the topology and abnormal data to check the device connection status and health status
  • Visual Tracking
  • Recording and Storage ● Recording schedule for continuous recording, event recording and command recording ● Storing videos on encoding devices, Hybrid SANs, cloud storage servers, pStors ● Providing main storage and auxiliary storage ● Providing video copy-back ● Storing alarm pictures on NVRs, Hybrid SANs, cloud storage servers, pStors, or HikCentral server ● Supports search of VCA event related videos, video footages, and event triggered video footages.
  • Face and Body Recognition ● Displaying the information of the recognized persons in real-time ● Searching history records of recognized persons, including searching in captured pictures, searching matched persons, searching by features of persons, and searching frequently appeared persons
  • Access Control and Video Intercom ● Setting schedules for free access status and access forbidden status of doors ● Supports multiple access modes for both card reader authentication and person authentication ● Supports assigning an access level to persons, assigning access levels to persons, assigning access levels to person groups, and assigning access levels to an access group ● Supports advanced functions such as multi-factor authentication, anti-passback, and multi-door interlocking ● Controlling door status in real-time ● Calling indoor station by the Control Client ● Calling the platform by door station and indoor station, and answering the call by the Control Client
  • Security Control ● Real-time alarm management for added security control panels ● Adding zone as hot spot on E-map and viewing the video of the linked camera ● Event and alarm linkage with added cameras, including pop-up live view, captured picture ● Subscribing the events that the Control Client can display in real-time ● Acknowledging the received alarm on the Control Client
  • Entrance and Exit Control ● Managing parking lot, entrances and exits, and lanes. ● Supports linking a LED screen with lane for information display ● Setting entry & exit rules for vehicles in the vehicle lists as well as vehicles not in any vehicle lists ● Entrance and exit control based on license plate recognition, card, or video intercom ● Viewing real-time and history vehicle information and controlling barrier gate manually on the Control Client
  • Time and Attendance ● Setting different attendance rules for various scenarios, such as one-shift and man-hour shift ● Customizing overtime levels and setting corresponding work hour rate ● Supports flexible and quick settings of timetables and shift schedule ● Supports multiple types of reports according to different needs and sending reports to specified emails regularly ● Sending the original attendance data to a third-party database (Microsoft® SQL Server, MySQL, or PostgreSQL), thus the client can access third-party T&A and payment system
  • Temperature Screening ● Displaying the skin-temperature and whether wearing a mask or not about the recognized persons in real time ● Triggering events and alarms when detects abnormal temperature and no mask worn ● Viewing reports about skin-surface temperature and mask-wearing
  • Intelligent Analysis ● Supports setting resource groups and analyzing data by different groups ● Supports intelligent analysis reports including people counting, heat analysis, person feature analysis
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Available models:



  • Devices and Resources
  • Cameras *Including ANPR Cameras and Cameras with Face Capture Function128
  • Managed Device IP Addresses *Including Encoding Devices, Access Control Devices, Security Control Devices, and Remote Sites 256
  • Video Intercom Devices *Including Indoor Station 16
  • Alarm Inputs (Including Zones of Security Control Devices)32
  • Alarm Outputs32
  • Alarm Inputs of Security Control Devices32
  • ANPR Cameras12
  • Cameras with Face Capture Function6
  • Security Radars2
  • Areas128
  • Cameras per Area64
  • Alarm Inputs per Area32
  • Alarm Outputs per Area32
  • Recording
  • Recording Schedule128
  • Recording Schedule Template32
  • Event & Alarm
  • Event and Alarm Rules128
  • Storage of Events or Alarms without Pictures10/s
  • Events or Alarms Sent to Clients *The clients include Control Clients and Mobile Clients 10/s 16 Clients/s
  • Notification Schedule Templates100
  • Picture
  • Picture Storage *Including event/alarm pictures, face pictures, and vehicle pictures. 10/s
  • Reports
  • Regular Report Rules64
  • Event or Alarm Rules in One Event/Alarm Report Rule32
  • Records in One Sent Report10,000 or 10 MB
  • Resources Selected in One Report *With this limitation, you can generate a neat and clear report via the Control Client and it costs less time. 20
  • Users and Roles
  • Concurrent Accesses via Web Clients and Control Clients16
  • Concurrent Accesses via Mobile Clients16
  • Users32
  • Roles32
  • Vehicle (ANPR)
  • Vehicle Lists50
  • Vehicles per Vehicle List500
  • Face Analysis
  • Persons with Profiles for Face Comparison10000
  • Face Comparison Groups16
  • Persons in One Face Comparison Group1000
  • Entrance & Exit
  • Lanes4
  • Cards Linked with Vehicles2500
  • Vehicle Passing Frequency in Each Lane1 Vehicle/s
  • Access Control
  • Persons with Credentials for Access Control5000
  • Total Credentials (Card + Fingerprint)25000
  • Cards25000
  • Fingerprints20000
  • Profiles5000
  • Access Points (Doors+Outdoor Station)16
  • Access Groups32
  • Persons in One Access Group5000
  • Access Levels32
  • Access Schedules32
  • Data Storage
  • Data Retention PeriodStored for 6 Months
  • Hardware Specifications
  • CPUIntel® Core™ i5-8500 (6Cores/9MB/6T/ Up to 4.1GHz/65W);
  • Memory2X4GB 2666MHz DDR4 UDIMM
  • Hard DiskM.2 256GB SATA Class 20 solid state drive
  • NetworkIntegrated Intel I219-LM Ethernet LAN 10/100/1000
  • GPU CardIntegrated Intel® HD Graphics 630
  • Package Dimensions29cm x 9.26cm x 29.2cm (11.42” x 3.7” x 11.5”)



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