Two wire controllers

  • 2-wire IP distributor
  • 6 2-wire cascade interfaces with device power supply
  • 2 cascade interfaces for DS-KAD706 / DS-KAD706-S
  • 8 interface indicators, 1 RJ-45 Interface, 1 Reset button
  • Din rail mounting, 24VDC

Available models:



  • System parameters
  • Operating systemNot supported.
  • ROMNot supported.
  • Display parameters
  • Screen sizeNot supported.
  • Operation methodNot supported.
  • TypeNot supported.
  • Video parameters
  • Supplement lightNot supported.
  • LensNot supported.
  • FOVNot supported.
  • ResolutionNot supported.
  • Audio parameters
  • Audio qualityNot supported.
  • Capacity
  • Linked indoor station capacityNot supported.
  • Network parameters
  • Communication protocolNot supported.
  • Wired networkNot supported.
  • Wi-Fi standardNot supported.
  • Bluetooth versionNot supported.
  • 3G/4G standardNot supported.
  • Device interfaces
  • Network interfaceNot supported.
  • Exit buttonNot supported.
  • Lock controlNot supported.
  • Door contact inputNot supported.
  • Power interfaceNot supported.
  • General
  • ButtonNot supported.
  • InstallationNot supported.
  • Indicator9
  • Not supported.
  • Protective levelNot supported.
  • Power supply method24 VDC
  • Working temperature-10° C to +50° C(-14° F to 122° F)
  • Working humidity10% to 90%
  • DimensionsNot supported.
  • BatteryNot supported.
  • Power supplyNot supported.
  • Application environmentNot supported.
  • Power consumptionNot supported.


Applied to:
*For better user experience, we highly recommend you to update your device to the latest firmware asap.

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