Hikvision brings Darkfighter technology to analogue

Hikvision brings Darkfighter technology to analogue


Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, brings Darkfighter and power over coax technology to its Turbo HD 4.0 series, with the new 2MP D8T series camera. This gives customers the ability to see in very low light conditions and to use long distance transmissions over power cable.

The Darkfighter ultra low light technology is already a leading function of Hikvision cameras, with the technology advancing all the time. Now it has been brought to the analogue range, giving even more customers the chance to benefit from clear, effective footage it gives in the lowest of light environments – even down to 0.005 lux.

Powering the camera through the coaxial cable makes it much easier to install and manage. This makes it great for applications where costs need to be kept down. For example, an estimate of three worker days to wire cameras with traditional cables, but using POC, that estimate goes down to just one worker day.

“This product brings our Darkfighter technology to the analogue market,” says Hikvision‘s Product Manager. “This means that customers with analogue systems can easily add the D8T camera, without having to change their whole system.”

The camera is also equipped with: 3D DNR, True WDR, EXIR 2.0, OSD and semi-automatic focus. These work with the Darkfighter technology to give customers the best picture possible.

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