Traffic is often identified as one of the biggest headaches of the modern age. It causes people stress, delay, and even accidents. It also means drivers are tempted to flout the rules sometimes – possibly adding to the overall problem themselves.

Today, Hikvision products offer the capability to spot the violations so that necessary precautions can be taken. Hikvision’s field-proven Intelligent Traffic Solution keeps all road users moving safely and peacefully – however they are traveling. Whenever a vehicle passes through an ITS-equipped Checkpoint, a camera captures an image of the vehicle and its unique features. The smart nature of the solution means that all kinds of vehicle criteria can be captured, like, license plate, brand, model, color and classification.

Traffic Violation Detection


Speeding violation


Speeding endangers everyone around. Detecting it and taking action is crucial for safe commuting - not only for drivers, but also for pedestrians. Hikvision’s detection technology calculates vehicles speeds for law enforcement. Radar-detected vehicle speed can be overlaid on the monitoring screen.

traffic violation detection


 Red light violation


When managing rapidly moving urban traffic, timing can be everything. When traffic violations occur, a rapid response prevents congestion from spreading to neighboring areas. For example, Hikvision’s Checkpoint Systems detect when a vehicle ‘jumps’ a red light.

traffic violation detection


 Illegal parking detection

Illegally stopped or parked cars inconvenience and endanger cyclists, pedestrians, and other drivers, with serious and even lethal consequences. Hikvision offers various detections for illegal parking where it’s needed most.

traffic violation detection


Distraction violation

A distracted driver is potentially a lethal one, and many countries now have strict regulations prohibiting activities like phone calling while driving. The Intelligent Traffic Solution is smart enough to be able to detect if a driver has a phone to his or her ear.

traffic violation detection


Motorbike violation detection

In places where motorcycles are prevalent, accident prevention is essential. Helmet or passenger capacity violations lead to the most serious injuries. Also, unlike four-wheel vehicles, motorcycles usually have the license plates at the back. Hikvision’s products are designed to capture clear images and analyze any violations.

  • LPR & Speed Measurement
  • E-police
  • Illegal Parking

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