According to the World Health Organization (WHO), road traffic accidents claim more than 1.35 million lives each year and cause up to 50 million injuries globally. Sadly, most of these deaths and injuries are preventable.

Hikvision offers a complete professional solution for Automatic Incident Detection (AID). This system provides reliable detection of incidents on critical infrastructures such as highways, tunnels and bridges.

Hikvision AID solutions, based on intelligent video processing, can quickly alert operators about incidents, promptly sending notifications of events to Hikvision software platform and to 3rd party systems, automatically archiving video clips of the events. This means that the solution can help to reduce the amount of accidents before they happen too.


Traffic Violation Detection


 Accident detection


When traffic accidents occur, the speed at which emergency services get to the victims can be the difference between life and death. Hikvision’s AID Solution provides an alert immediately when an accident is monitored by the camera. This provides instant and automatic alarm which can be diverted straight to the relevant emergency service. It also gives highway managers a head up to clear the accident as quickly as possible once the emergency services have done their work, getting the road flowing again.


traffic violation detection


Obstruction detection


Pedestrians are sometimes found wandering on highways. This is extremely dangerous, both for the pedestrian and the oncoming traffic, who could cause an accident by swerving to avoid them. The same applies for objects fallen on the road, from a truck, for example. The AID Solution can flag these obstructions to the right people to act accordingly – by removing the object, or slowing traffic, for example.

traffic violation detection


 Smoke detection

Smoke can greatly restrict visibility, especially in confined areas, like tunnels. This can prove a threat to drivers. The AID Solution can sense smoke as it drifts across a camera, using motion detection. It can then prompt an alert to an operator, who can act fast to minimize risk to road users, for example by reducing the speed limit on the road.

traffic violation detection


Slow moving/wrong way vehicle detection

When a vehicle is slow moving on a fast highway, or worse, travelling in the wrong direction on a one way road, road managers need to act fast to avoid a serious accident. The AID Solution can recognize the direction a vehicle is travelling and its speed, prompting an alert when an anomaly is detected.



  • LPR & Speed Measurement
  • E-police
  • Illegal Parking

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