Social distancing is a current buzz word. However, monitoring it can be tricky. This solution uses people counting and 3D modeling technologies to measure the distance between people accurately. The distance measurement can be adjusted, according to scenario, or changing Government regulations, for example.


The output can be connected to various kinds of alarm, such as a siren or speaker, making it possible to tailor the message to the scenario. For example, an audio message saying “Please remember to keep more than 1.5m apart” could be used. Alternatively, in more extreme circumstances a siren could sound, alerting a security guard to intervene.


This makes it suitable for small scale indoor scenarios, like shops, offices and canteens.



Solution 1:  Safety Social Distance Monitoring


Technology to help monitor that people keep apart in a space.


  • Dual-Lens design with 3D modeling
  • Adjustable Wall Mount Bracket, suitable for different scenario
  • Accuracy of Social Distance Measurement value can be adjusted to the policy from different governments
  • Distance Measurement and Duration Time work together to improve the accuracy


Recommended Products: 

Dual-Lens People Counting Network Camera (DS-2CD6825G0/C-I(V)(S))


Solution 2:  People Gathering Detection


Keep an eye out for groups gathering in your space.


  • Deep Learning technology
  • Real-time people-gathering detection
  • External alarm & audio output, to notify people to keep safety social distance
  • Upgrade to back-end system possible for existing CCTV system
  • Up to 12MP resolution access
  • Supports up to 4 channels


Recommended Products: 

DeepinMind Series: (iDS-9616NXI-I8/X(B)), (iDS-9632NXI-I8/X(B)), (iDS-7716NXI-I4/X(B)), (iDS-7732NXI-I4/X(B))



Distance Detection

Smoking area gathering detection

audio alarm

Social Distancing Demo

Working area gathering detection

audio alert


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