Industrial parks are usually highly-populated workplaces with large numbers of workers, vehicles, and activities. To enhance protection in these areas, convenient and efficient temperature screening and mask detection is of utmost importance in such unusual times. A Hikvision solution with continuous value to daily operations will contribute to long-term production and management efficiency.


  • Flexible Product Options
    A variety of products and solutions will suit a host of specific needs for any scenario.
  • Touch-free Temperature Screening
    High-efficiency skin-surface temperature screening without contact provides even more protection.
  • Centralized Management
    Instant visualization of overall statistics enhances protection and facilitates exporting of data.

Main Entrance 

Temperature Screening & CCTV Security

Main entrances to industrial parks are one place where employees often congregate and could be close together. For this reason, preliminary temperature screening is needed here, preferably in an indoor space (eg reception or entrance passageway). Ideally, there should be time between coming indoors to screening so body temperatures can acclimate. A new level of health and safety can be added to the main entrance with Hikvision’s skin-surface temperature screening integrated with CCTV security systems, which also support mask detection with DeepinMind NVRs. The camera models with higher resolution make it possible to measure multiple persons’ temperatures at a time.


Recommended Products: 


Work Area Entrances

Touch-free Access & Attendance and Social Distancing

Recording attendance and installing touch-free access control systems is easier than ever. Hikvision’s MinMoe terminals support hygienic entry with temperature screening* and mask detection. Combined with dual-lens cameras for interpersonal distance detection that generate auto-alarms when persons are too close together, these systems facilitate safety from the first step in the door. Management efficiency will be greatly boosted with convenient, digitized attendance reports, and centralized access management.

* Note: Temperature screening should be carried out in the indoor space without wind


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Mask Detection & Production Regulation

Keeping workers safe has been Hikvision’s goal since the beginning, and now our advanced systems enhance security from all sides with updated features that will serve businesses and industrial parks for years to come.


Features include

  • Mask Detection, supporting group detection of multiple persons
  • Hard Hat Detection, ensuring safer work operations * upcoming soon
  • Perimeter Protection in cameras powered by deep learning and focus on human/vehicle intrusion with higher accuracy


Recommended Products: 

DeepinView cameras: iDS-2CD7146G0-IZSiDS-2CD7126G0-IZS

AcuSense cameras

Shuttle Buses

Temperature Screening & Employee Authentication

The shuttle bus is an important transportation method for workers. Hikvision’s Smart Onboard Temperature Screening Terminals support non-contact skin-surface temperature measurement, mask detection, employee authentication and audio alarms to detect abnormal temperatures at an earlier stage.


Recommended Products: 

  • Smart onboard temperature screening terminal

Control Room

Powerful and Unified Management

At the control room, site managers and security staff can view statistics and temperature records of all connected sites in real time using HikCentral, which supports temperature data storage, abnormal temperature trend analysis, live viewing, playback, access and alarm management, and can also help with efficient vehicle and visitor management, personnel identification, and more.


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