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Modern living requires a lot more coordination, with people being busier than ever. This means peace of mind is increasingly important. How do home-and business-owners keep an eye on things when they are on the move? Hikvision’s AX PRO Wireless Alarm System makes it easy to secure premises and monitor them remotely. Completely driven from an app, on demand, and with a wide range of products, the system delivers video on-board, with our revolutionary and proven wireless protocol for knockout stability.

The AX PRO includes a multitude of impressive features, including Tri-X Technology, IVaaS (Intruder Verification as a Service), and a slick design.

They say knowledge is power – when you know what’s happening in your premises, you can take action. This makes users feel in control from wherever they are and provides a powerful deterrent and action intervention tool.


  • Ultra-long distance transmission
    With Tri-X wireless technology

  • Ensures the stability of communication
    Dual RF chips design

  • Intrusion verification as a service
    IPC and PIRCAM supported

  • Supports Hik-ProConnect
    Flexible linkage with other Hikvision devices

  • Prevents missing reports
    Dual SIM cards design