Announcement of Hikvision VMS License Activation Upgrade
March 09,2018


Due to the upgrade of Hikvision VMS Software Activation Server, some VMS products cannot connect to Activation Server to complete online activation/deactivation and receive the error ‘Connect to Flex Fail’, please follow the steps below to solve this problem if needed.

This problem affects online activation/deactivation. Functions of the VMS which is activated before will not be influenced by this problem.


Affected Products

•HikCentral V1.1/V1.1.1

•Blazer Pro V2.1



•Solution A:  Please use offline activation via Hikvision website

Since the upgrade only affects the online activation, so you can use the offline activation alternatively.

Please go to the Hikvision website to activate your license offline, the link is shown as below:




•Solution B: Please patch the following hotfix to the affected VMS products


Please download the hotfix file from here. It is applicable to HikCentral V1.1/V1.1.1 and Blazer Pro V2.1.


Run the installation package ‘HikCentral_V1.1.1_Hotfix_20180308.exe’ as administrator in the server on which VSM is installed.



Step 3: 

Click ‘Next’ to and click ‘Install’ on the interface shown as below.


Step 4: 

The hotfix is patched successfully when the ’Finish’ interface below prompts.


Step 5: Verify if the hotfix has been patched successfully.

1.Click the Open Installation Path button below in Watchdog.


2.The following folder will pop up: \Program Files (x86)\HikCentral\VSM Servers\VSM


3.If the modified date of the file flexoperation.pem is March 8, 2018, then the hotfix is successfully patched and the online activation is available again.

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