Key Features
  • Flexible entrance

    The iVMS-5200 Professional platform provides three ways of accessing the surveillance system. The first is the iVMS-5200 Mobile Client, which can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play. The second option is the Web Client, and this method allows users to monitor the system through their preferred browser. The third option is the Control Client, which provides various tools for common surveillance operations. These clients give you the flexibility to choose the most convenient option for your needs.

  • Quick response for events

    The Alarm Center uses different colors to indicate different levels of alarms. Using iVMS-5200 Professional allows you to view and quickly respond to alarms to prevent further escalation. The software’s video viewing function helps to provide users with a thorough understanding of what triggered the alarm.

  • Efficient real-time monitoring

    An auxiliary screen preview is provides for real-time surveillance. The software also supports a global view of all of the cameras in the surveillance scene, so that you can more accurately identify a problem to prevent accidents or injuries.

  • Simple operation interface

    The software offers several common basic configuration wizards including device adding, storage configuration, event configuration, and user configuration. You can use these tools to quickly and easily complete the initial setup and make configuration simpler than ever.

  • Highly precise recognition

    Using iVMS-5200 Professional also enables you to accurately identify the movement of people and vehicles based on advanced intelligent video algorithms. You can search videos using intelligent features such as regional invasion, and cross line detection. These sophisticated tools help you monitor the details with extremely high accuracy.