Add-on Modules

To satisfy customers’ requirements of different sectors for different scenarios, Hikvision continually releases iVMS-5200 add-on modules to help customer to build a comprehensive vertical solution portfolio. Those Add-ons can be added step by step as your business expands, and all those Add-Ons are managed by one platform.

  • License Plate Recognition (LPR)

    The LPR module not only reads and recognizes license plate information automatically from passing vehicles, but it also logs the information with the accompanying snapshots. All of this vehicle information is searchable using time or license plate information and it can then be transmitted to multiple users simultaneously. The LPR module is effective to enforce parking permits or time-limited zone rules and to conduct lot inventories. The software already support optimized recognition algorithms for more than 50 countries around the world and has been used for a variety of private and commercial applications.

  • Transaction

    The Transact module is a smart module that integrates CCTV and POS systems, providing a perfect solution for cashier loss prevention and intelligent POS data extraction. This module can be used in large retail chains, grocery stores, food markets, farm stores, and other retail outlets.

  • Business Intelligence(BI)

    The Business Intelligence (BI) module is a set of tools designed to transform unstructured data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes. BI technologies are used to help identify, develop, and analyze new strategic business opportunities through the handling of large volumes of unstructured data as well. The BI module of iVMS-5200 Professional provides intelligent analysis based on the data from the POS, as well as people counting and heat map functions. It includes transaction data analysis, people counting analysis, and retail traffic analysis to optimize business strategies and resource efficiency. BI can be used in various scenarios, such as retail chain stores, chain supermarkets and restaurants, shopping malls, etc.

  • Mobile Video Management

    The GIS module provides intuitive management of mobile video recording and enhances vehicle surveillance systems to ensure the proper operation of buses, taxies, cash carriers, and police vehicles. Special alarms, for conditions such as speeding, fence crossing, and deviation, are also available to notify users of abnormal conditions.

  • Parking Management

    The Parking Management Module is designed for parking entrance & exit management. It helps ensure parking access safety with functions including real-time video monitoring, passing vehicle capture, LPR (License Plate Recognition), whitelist & blacklist, automatic/manual barrier gate control and remaining parking number display. It also supports record and search of vehicle information, traffic report and various alarm rules for management optimization.