In current circumstances, organizations need to control the numbers of people entering their space, sometimes according to local rules. For example, a supermarket may only allow 100 people inside, or a park no more than 500.


Use of technology can provide a monitoring solution to manage this, giving alerts when more people are present, for example. People Counting cameras are available for both indoor and outdoor use to facilitate this monitoring.


The information from these can also be displayed on Digital Signage screens, for scenarios where transparency and public awareness are key. 



Solution 1:  Single entrance


  • For smaller businesses
  • Ceiling-mounted People Counting Camera
  • Alarm output
  • Camera web GUI


Recommended Products:

Dual-Lens People Counting Network Camera (DS-2CD6825G0/C-I(V)(S))


Solution 2:  Multiple entrance/exit


  • To cover larger buildings, for example a shopping mall
  • Ceiling-mounted and tilt mounted People Counting Cameras
  • I-series NVR
  • HikCentral Professional VMS
  • Alarm output


Recommended Products: 


Solution 3:  Digital Signage box



Recommended Products:


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