Security Notification –HTTP Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in Hikvision NVRs Devices
November 09,2015


SN No. HSRC-201510-03

Edit: Hikvision Security Response Center (HSRC)

Initial Release Date:2015-11-09




While processing the specified HTTP requests after identity authentication (successful login with the correct username and password), buffer overflow vulnerabilities may occur for selected Hikvision NVRs. This may result in potential service interruption for users.

This Vulnerability has been designated as Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE).

ID No: CVE-2015-4407, CVE-2015-4408 and CVE-2015-4409.



By exploiting these three vulnerabilities, after successfully login to the NVRs with the correct username and password, attackers could be able to plant malicious HTTP scripts to create service interruption.



NVR devices can be connected after login with correct username and password.

Attack Step

       Attackers may send malicious HTTP scripts to selected NVR devices.


Software Versions and Fixes

Product Name Affected Versions Resolved Versions

DS-76xxNI-E1/2 Series

DS-77xxxNI-E4 Series

          v3.3.4 and earlier

             v3.4.0 and later


Obtaining Fixed Firmware

     Users should download the updated firmware to guard against these potential vulnerabilities. It is available on the Hikvision official website:(Click Here).

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