Coaxial Cable with power cable
    • 200m RG59 coaxial cable with power cable
    • Conductor material of Coaxial cable is OFC(Oxygen Free Copper)
    • Braiding material of Coaxial cable is CCA(Copper-clad Aluminum)
    • Conductor material of power cable is OFC(Oxygen Free Copper)
    • VW-1 flame retardant rating
    • Excellent anti-interference performance
    • Excellent anti-aging performance
Coaxial Cable
(Conductor) Material: OFC(Oxygen Free Copper)
(Conductor) Wire Gauge: 20AWG
(Conductor) Diameter: 0.81±0.01mm
(Insulation)Material: FPE
(Insulation)Diameter: 3.66±0.05mm
(Tape)Material: Shielding Aluminum Foil, 15mmwidth
(Tape)Thickness: 0.04mm
(Braid)Material: CCA(Copper-clad Aluminum)
(Braid)Braiding Standard: 8*16*0.12mm
(Braid)Braiding Density: 95±1%
(Jacket)Material: PVC
(Jacket)Average Thickness: ≥0.65mm
(Jacket)Diameter: 6.10±0.2mm
Impedance: 75ohms
Power Cable
(Conductor)Material: OFC(Oxygen Free Copper)
(Conductor)Quantity: 2
(Conductor)Diameter: 7*0.385±0.01mm
(Insulation)Material: PE(Flame Retardant)
(Insulation)Diameter: 1.8±0.1mm
(Jacket)Material: PVC
(Jacket)Average Thickness: ≥0.3mm
Length: 200m
Color: Black
Operating Temperature: -40-80ºC
Storage Temperature: -20-70ºC
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