Single-Lane Speed Inspection Radar

  • Design and Implementation base on Doppler principle
  • Real-time vehicle speed detection
  • Provide high-precision trigger signal for capture camera
  • Traffic Camera Linkage
  • Dual-direction Triggering

  • General
  • Antenna Beam Width4.5°×6°
  • Temperatura de trabajo-40℃~+70℃
  • Condiciones de Humedad5%RH~95%RH
  • Measurement Accuracy(-4~0)km/h
  • Trigger Consistency≤1m
  • Velocity Range(10~250)km/h
  • Dimensión210mm×172mm×50mm
  • Fuente de alimentación9.6V DC- 16V DC
  • Interfaz
  • Interfaz de comunicación1ch RS485 (RS232 optional)
  • Sistema
  • Central Frequency24.15GHz
  • Center Frequency Deviation≤ ±45 MHz
  • Direction InformationSupport
  • Double TriggerSupport vehicle front & rear triggering
  • Vehicle Length InformationSupport
  • Traffic InformationSupport
  • Remote UpdateSupport
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