Hardware Structure

    l 2U standard chassis, and suits various needs of information delivery system

    l Standard rack-mount design and carrier-grade ATCA chassis system

    l Smart heat dissipation to ensure stable system running 

    l Expandable built-in HDD interfaces

    Programs and Schedules

    l Scheduled programs playing by day/week/custom time

    l Configurable paly items, playlists and play plans.

    l Program and materials inter-cut

    l Programs playing in terminal groups  

    l Supports uploading, downloading, revising, and deleting programs and schedules

    l Programs and schedules configured to sharing/private

    Terminals Management

    l Add terminals by MAC address

    l Remote reboot and shutdown of terminals 

    Multi-Level Management

    l Multi-level user management with different permissions authorized

    l Supports material and programs sharing

    Materials Management

    l Various materials support in pictures, audio files, video files, PDF files, HTML, dynamic webpages, rolling subtitles, live broadcasting, third-party data, etc.

    Operation and Maintenance  

    l Built-in gigabyte (GB) network interface

    l Remote parameters view and configuration, and configuration file importing and exporting

    l Remote view of system operation status and system logs

    l Remote system reboot, default settings restoration and upgrade

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