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What's the Challenge?


Darkness provides cover for theft, trespassing, and other crimes. When incidents occur at night, conventional cameras may lose important details by rendering black and white images with infrared supplemental lighting. The colors missing from the footage can be very critical information in certain contexts, such as forensic evidence collection.

Our Solution to the Problems

Why is Hikvision ColorVu so remarkable?


Super large lens and advanced sensor work together for colorful images in low lighting. For places without lighting, ColorVu camera provides friendly supplemental lighting to guarantee colorful images for you. 

  • F1.0 

LARGER APERTURES collects more than 4 times the amount of light as a conventional F2.0 camera. 

  • Advanced sensor

Improves the utilization of light, ensures bright and colorful imaging in virtually all conditions.

  • Friendly lighting

For places without lighting, the built-in, environmentally-friendly warm optional supplementary light works to guarantee colorful images.

Hikvision has been leading the security industry in imaging technology for years. That tradition continues with our new imaging technology – Hikvision ColorVu – which means colorful views based on a large iris, high-performance sensor, and gentle supplemental lighting. Hikvision’s ColorVu is a colorful imaging technology that helps cameras render vivid video 24/7, even in zero-light environments.

Hikvision ColorVu cameras feature advanced lenses with F1.0 aperture and high performance sensors that collect and utilize more light to produce brighter images. In zero-light scenarios, built-in environmentally-friendly supplemental lighting works to guarantee colorful images.

See how Hikvision ColorVu cameras performs at 7:00 pm. >>

Where You Can Apply It

Hikvision ColorVu Technology can be used in a wide range of scenarios with round-the-clock security needs, such as warehouses, critical infrastructure, and residential areas, just to name a few.


<< Watch the video to see all day image performance comparison between conventional camera and ColorVu camera.