Outdoor Tiny Pixel Pitch LED Screen
    • Support any direction, any size, any shape stitching; High screen uniformity, no black lines, truly seamless stitching;
    • Dual redundant power supply;
    • Dual signal hot backup ;
    • High brightness
    • High contrast
    • Controlled brightness &color temperature range of each pixel on the screen, to achieve integrity and perfection of picture display;
    • Ultra-high refresh rate makes the  video picture more exquisite and smooth and achieve more realistic color reproduction
    • Nanosecond response time, eliminating ghosting phenomenon 
    • Long screen service life;
    • Ultra-wide viewing angle, ensuring high-quality display at various angles;
    • High color gamut coverage, wider than the NTSC color gamut;
    • Low Heat generating, high-performance radiating heat, super-quiet;
    • Energy saving;
    • taking up small-size space
    • Defect rate is very low, low post-maintenance  cost
Module Composition
Pixel structure: SMD3535
Pixel pitch (mm): 10
Module Resolution (W × H): 96×96
Module Dimension (W × H): 320mm×320mm
Unit Composition
Unit module composition (W × H): 3×3
Unit Resolution (W × H): 32×32
Unit area: 0.9216㎡
Optical Parameters
Brightness(nits): ≥5500
Color Temperature: 6500~8000K(Adjustable)
Viewing Angle: 120°( Horizontal),120°( Vertical)
Luminous point center distance deviation: <0.4
Electrical parameters
Peak Consumption: 580W/㎡
Average Consumption: 195W/㎡
Service life(H): >100,000
Temperature(℃): -20—50 ( Working)
Humidity(RH): 10-90%(Working, non-condensing),10-85%(Storage, non-condensing)
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