Hikvision Total Video Surveillance System Improves Security for Diamond Trust Bank in Tanzania

Hikvision total video surveillance system improves security for Diamond Trust Bank in Tanzania

Diamond Trust Bank, Ltd. (DTB Tanzania) is a large financial services provider in Tanzania, known as Tanzania's fourth most profitable bank. The bank has a network of 28 branches, half of which are in the city of Dar es Salaam and the remaining 14 dots across the country in the major commercial centers. 



The Challenges
DTB Bank continually integrates the latest technologies to ensure accelerated growth. With so many branches spread nationwide, a centralized management with real–time views had become a challenge for DTB Bank. 


Regulatory authorities require a 180 days of security video storage for financial institutions. While DTB Bank did perform standard recording at the branch-level, it was of paramount importance to enhance that capacity and look at possible options of centralized storage for all branches. 


The Solution 
DTB had an existing standard analog CCTV setup from Hikvision, but it was time to upgrade with better technology. Hikvision proposed entirely refurbishing DTB’s control room, which included a data storage facility at the DTB Bank headquarters, using Hikvision’s central management software iVMS-5200 Pro and DS-A82024D Central Video Record(CVR). Supporting all remote site’s local storage, CVR was used to receive data streams directly from network cameras. With CVR there is no need for an intermediate storage server, which increases storage efficiency and system stability, whilst greatly reducing hardware cost. 


One of the critical issues in this installation was the bandwidth. DTB banks have a control center in Dar es Salaam and branches located in smaller cities in Tanzania. The network between HQ and those branches has a fairly limited capacity, so the lower the camera’s bandwidth, the better. DTB installed over 1,000 Hikvision EasyIP 3.0 cameras, which feature both lighter bandwidth load and better codec technology with H.265+ solutions to cover all branches. H.265+, the network bandwidth among branches and the control center has greatly decreased.



  • High quality video – All DTB’s branches were updated to the IP solution. Image quality and video resolution vastly improved over the previous system.
  • Centralized operation and maintenance – The powerful new intelligent software platform makes the central coordination flexible and efficient.
  • Low bandwidth – With Hikvision’s own powerful video compression – H.265+ – the bandwidth used between HQ and all branches has decreased measurably. Storage time for video footage recorded at each branch has greatly improved as well with lowered storage requirements.
  • High reliability – DTB now uses backup recording with a centralized video recording system. Footage automatically transfers from local NVRs to the CVR after daily business hours (from 18:00 to 6:00 next morning). This preserves daytime bandwidth and also backs up video footage at the head office. Everything is working properly.


"The Hikvision camera image is of high quality, and the new codec technology really helps a lot, both in saving bandwidth and increasing storage time.” said Rirathod, the Security manager of DTB Bank. “Hikvision has made our job easier, we really appreciate this Hikvision solution – it meets all the requirements and exceeds all of our expectation.”


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