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As people return to work and daily routines, it is crucial for businesses to maximize efficiency of their access control systems. Under the “new normal”, safe and fast temperature screening is critical, and touch-free access control and attendance, and visitor management with health questionnaire can help.

The touch-free temperature screening terminal enables people to enter a building, record attendance, and provide temperature check and health questionnaire without having to touch a terminal or gate.

The touch-free nature of the terminal makes access control easier and safer. It can also be configured to allow for people to self-check their own temperature.

Solution overview


Temperature screening with thermographic technology:

  • Safe, non-contact temperature measurement from a distance
  • Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.9° F (± 0.5° C) without Blackbody Calibration tool
  • Temperature Range: 86° F to 113° F (30° C to 45° C).
  • Detection Distance: 0.98 to 6.5 ft. (0.3 to 2 m)
  • Abnormal temperature and face mask alert with audible warning


  • Temperature Screening Terminal (DS-K1T671TM-3XF)
  • Floor Stand (Optional) (DS-KAB671-B, DS-KAB6-BASE)
  • Power Supply (DS-KP12V-3A)
Access control solution

Touch-free questionnaire with visitor badge printing capability:

  • Customizable health questionnaire configured from HikCentral
  • Fill in questionnaire with touch-free contact using smartphone to scan QR code on terminal. Or, choose on-board questionnaire instead
  • Badge is printed after temperature is detected and questionnaire is completed
  • Instant alarm to operator or facility owner when abnormal questionnaire received

Visitor access management

  • Initiate video call from the terminal
  • Remotely grant/refuse visitor access
HikCentral Data Management

HikCentral data management

  • Health questionnaire configuration, including visitor information, questions and valid answers
  • Temperature, mask statistics and health questionnaire for all or staff-only with report
  • Attendance report and one-click correction for people with abnormal temperature


  • HikCentral - Temperature Screening


Solution 2: Temperature Screening with Access Control


Touch-Free, Access is Easier but Safer

Long-term temperature screening with access control for building related projects


Recommended Products: 

MinMoe Wall-Mounting Touch-free Temperature Screening Terminal (DS-K1T671TM-3XF)


Disclaimer: Hikvision’s Thermographic Cameras are designed for immediate detection and preliminary screening of elevated skin-surface temperature in high-traffic areas. When measuring core body temperature, please verify through the use of clinical measurement devices and/or by consulting a medical professional. Hikvision’s Thermographic Cameras must be used in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Solution 6: Temperature Screening in Milestone XProtect® VMS


Integrated Temperature Screening

Use Milestone XProtect VMS to view temperature measurements live and in playback. Receive alarms of elevated temperatures for further attention by operator.


Recommended Products:

DS-2TD2617B, DS-2TD1217B, DS-2TD2636B/ DS-2TD2637B


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