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Hikvision's Mask Detection solution confirms if an individual entering your premises is wearing a mask, and includes advanced feature options to pre-screen and display skin-surface temperature.

Solution overview


Conventional camera solution


Mask detection with DeepinMind NVR

  • Ideal for applications with existing conventional cameras
  • Efficient history search and export by mask status
  • Multi-location user-friendly interface no-mask alarm
    • Amber = no mask
    • Green = mask detected


Access control solution

Access control solution


Mask detection with temperature screening terminal

  • Touch-free access control terminals pre-screen skin-surface temperature at entrances
  • Performs skin temperature screening and mask detection at the same time
  • Access can be denied if no mask is detected


Multi-door solution with I series NVR

Temperature screening solution


Mask Detection with Temperature Screening Camera

  • Ideal for main entrances to screen peoples skin temperature as well as detect face masks
  • Efficient historical search and export by temperature alarm or by mask status
  • Onsite viewing and centralized management of alarms, video and temperature results



Solution 2: Temperature Screening with Access Control


Touch-Free, Access is Easier but Safer

Long-term temperature screening with access control for building related projects


Recommended Products: 

MinMoe Wall-Mounting Touch-free Temperature Screening Terminal (DS-K1T671TM-3XF)

Disclaimer: Hikvision USA Inc. products depicted herein are not FDA-approved medical devices and are not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease. When configured correctly, the Hikvision products discussed herein can identify elevated human skin-surface temperature relative to a sample population.

Solution 6: Temperature Screening in Milestone XProtect® VMS


Integrated Temperature Screening

Use Milestone XProtect VMS to view temperature measurements live and in playback. Receive alarms of elevated temperatures for further attention by operator.


Recommended Products:

DS-2TD2617B, DS-2TD1217B, DS-2TD2636B/ DS-2TD2637B


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