What is Hik-ProConnect?

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Hik-ProConnect is an online device & service management platform for professional installers and security service providers.


  • Proactive System Health Monitoring
  • Remote Configuration and Maintenance
  • Quick Installation Tools
  • Flexible Linkage Across Devices
  • Intuitive Web Portal & Mobile App

Whether it's for installation or maintenance, with Hik-ProConnect in place, security teams can manage multiple sites with power and efficiency. It creates a streamlined operational workflow and provides powerful remote maintenance capability, which can significantly reduce the service providers' costs and therefore increase your company's efficiency.

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Key features

Reduced installation time


Reduced installation time

Security service providers can set up and configure devices quickly with:


  • Batch configuration tools
    Set up multiple devices at once for activation, IP assignment, time sync or parameter configuration using the batch configuration tool via app or portal
  • Cloud P2P technology
    Enable quicker and easier setups without traditional port forwarding
  • Simple device hand-over
    Hand over sites and devices to the end user’s Hik-Connect account by inviting site owners in the Hik-ProConnect app or portal

Intuitive web portal & mobile app


Intuitive web portal & mobile app

Security teams can manage all sites and devices with convenient tools:


  • Hik-ProConnect app
    Supporting on-site device installation and remote configuration without the need of a laptop
  • Hik-ProConnect portal
    Providing every detail of all sites and devices and service management including value-added services

Converged security devices


Remote configuration and maintenance

Security service providers can reduce on-site visits via the tools listed below after obtaining end users’ authorization:


  • Remote device configuration
    One click calls the web configuration of the device for further operation via Cloud P2P technology
  • Preview and playback
    Check the live feed, play back footage, and download videos remotely
  • Remote device restart or password reset
    One click resets the device password and quickly restarts a crashed device by restarting the port or the switch
Converged Security Devices


Converged security devices

The Hik-ProConnect solution allows:


  • Various devices work together as one system
    Including cameras, recorders, security control panels, access control and video intercom devices, and doorbells
  • Flexible linkage across devices
    Flexibly create workflows for different event types, time schedules, and triggered actions according to specific security scenarios

Intuitive web portal & mobile app


Proactive system health monitoring

Security service managers can reduce site visits, saving time and costs with:


  • Intuitive dashboard
    Monitor the system health status of multiple sites remotely, using simple and reliable platform
  • Real-time device abnormality notification
    Get notified about site issues in a timely manner; identify and even resolve issues remotely on the platform
  • Regular exception reports
    Receive reports at regular and customizable intervals, and supports choosing recipient email addresses, language, and more
Converged security devices


Site & roles management

Security managers can streamline management flow with enhanced efficiency using:


  • Customizable sub-accounts and permissions
    Supports customizing permissions and distributes to team members as needed 
  • Traceable operation logs
    Operation done by security service providers within 90 days can be recorded for further analysis

Intuitive web portal & mobile app


Hosted service

Users can benefit greatly from hosted service features (VSaaS, video security as a service), as Hik-ProConnect is a cloud-based device & service management platform.


  • The solution is highly flexible and scalable, therefore, upfront fees can be minimized and you can easily expand the system as more sites go up and running
  • Cloud-based software keeps security system always up-to-date

Guaranteed system security


Hik-ProConnect employs industry-leading standards and protocols for maximum security and reliability. 


Powerful security methods and protocols include:

  • TLS/SSL protocols for private and secure data transmission
  • User-defined AES encryption key for stream encryption
  • DDoS Shield, Cloud Firewall, Signature Verification

We are certified with the CSA Star, ISO27701 and ISO27001.

What they say about Hik-ProConnect

Open integration


Hik-ProConnect features open integration capabilities for a wide variety of partnerships. Whether it's alarm receiving centers (ARC), third-party VSaaS vendors, or cloud-based time-attendance vendors – everyone can find a solution with Hikvision. Here's a sample of what we offer:

Partner success stories


Learn more about Hikvision's integration solutions for partners from our Technical Partner Portal (tpp.hikvision.com -> INTEGRATION) or contact your local Hikvision team.

Value-added services


Hik-ProConnect's value-added services offer more possibilities and more flexibility for centralized management, enabling security service providers to create recurring revenue with reduced time and costs. 

Proactive health monitoring

Get real-time notifications, and identify and even resolve system health issues remotely using the platform

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