At Hikvision, we continually develop and deliver the very best end-to-end solutions in the security surveillance industry. In that spirit, the newly released HikCentral is a comprehensive, AI-empowered surveillance platform that makes easy and convenient central management available everywhere it is needed. In order to provide project-specific solutions, additional functions and services from collaborative partners are essential. Therefore, our video management platform is designed to be Central, Collaborative, and Intelligent.


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The HikCentral platform is completely centralized to achieve vast integration capabilities and deliver more powerful solutions. It centralizes and expands your system, and enhances control to achieve maximum security for years to come.


HikCentral empowers partnerships, enhances user benefits, and delivers extensive benefits across a wide range of vertical markets.


HikCentral takes the latest AI technologies to the next step, leading the security industry as well as technology industries in various applications.

Three Powerful Ways to Access Your System


Control Client

HikCentral’s Control Client is used for daily monitoring in real-time. Powerful and easy-to-use, it includes functionalities such as live view and playback, and enables you to tag relevant video clips so that they can be searched, stored, and viewed by trusted parties. Also, with its flexible alarm management interface, operators can easily identify and handle alarm events.



Visualized Operation with Interactive Map and Video Wall

Efficient Response with an Intuitive Alarm Management Interface

Flexible Evidence Handling


Web Client

HikCentral’s Internet-based Web Client provides accessible management of the system allowing you to add devices and configure camera recording schedules, user rights, and event and alarm rules. You can also access camera live view and playback. 



Intuitive User Experience allows anyone to quickly learn how to use the VMS 

Optimized Workflow with integrated HikCentral features

Access Anywhere using mainstream web browsers

Mobile Client

Mobile surveillance anywhere, anytime – the HikCentral Mobile app is available from the iOS App Store and Google Play. It supports Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G connectivity. 



Accessible Anytime, Anywhere 

Ready 24/7

Fast Event Response