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DeepinBusiness - People Counting

Why use People Counting in busisness?


People counting has become an extremely helpful component to customer- and visitor-centered businesses and services. Capturing key data about visitors at your establishment helps you get to know your target market and hit your sales goals.


In the for-profit business world, it’s all about forecasting. Forecasting the peaks and valleys of customer flow enables retailers to take every advantage every hour of the day, making the right decisions in management and seeing better profits in return. 

How People Counting Was Done in the Past
How Video-Based People Counting Works
Why choose Hikvision’s People Counting Solution

Extremely High Accuracy

Hikvision’s AI-equipped People Counting cameras offer extremely high accuracy, distinguishing human beings from inanimate and insignificant objects in the scene. 


Remote and Smart Configuration

Embedded with video analytics that can be configured and managed with software installed on a laptop and mobile devices. Business owners can view real-time and historical statistics from any location. 


Ease of Integration

Easy to install and don’t occupy floor space. They are designed to integrate with the environment in order to minimize obstruction or disruption of business and other activities in the area. 


Who It Benefits
Recommended Products


DeepinView People Counting Camera


  • Ideal for single stores and can be installed at entrances.
  • Customer attributes, staff filter, & repeat customer filters are supported.


People Counting Camera


  • Reliable people counting even in challenging scenarios like low-light corridors and entrances with high customer flow.
  • Ideal for shopping malls, amusement parks, and much more.
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