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What is list alarm?


Authorized and Unauthorized List Alarms[1] are based in part on facial recognition technology. Using this feature, a camera can be set to detect faces on a list of authorized or unauthorized persons. Upon detection, the video management software can instantly allow access or trigger an alarm. Operators can be prompted to greet a welcome VIP or be notified of an unauthorized entry and respond immediately.


  • Accurate and easy to use
  • Meets multiple security requirements for police, campus safety, public parks, high-end offices, restricted business areas, and more.


[1] Formerly known in the security industry as “Blacklists” and “Whitelists” 

How List Alarms were managed in legacy systems

Conventional CCTV Systems offered little value in automated alarm notifications when a VIP or person-of-interest appeared. Historically, without facial recognition technology, security personnel had only their eyes and a fuzzy, black and white live-feed to identify persons. 

How an AI-Equipped, Video-Based List Alarm Works Today

A video-based list alarm system equipped with Hikvision’s AI technology will recognize unauthorized persons and notify security staff of their presence, as well as recognize authorized persons and allow access to restricted areas.


There are multitudes of applications, such as, for example, allowing pharmacists into the drug storage cabinet of a nursing house, or important persons to provide tailored services for applications in business offices or hospitality services, for example.


Here is how it works:

1.       Users upload face images into the system;


2.       Authorized vs. unauthorized lists are created using uploaded images;


3.       Specially-equipped IP cameras will detect listed images and send the information to a back-end video recorder or analytics server;


4.       The recorder or server will compare images with the libraries; and,


5.       When a listed image is detected, an instant notification will be triggered.L

Why choose Hikvision’s Video-Based List Alarm Solution
  • Smart Analysis
    Automatically generate an alarm upon a match from a user-defined list
  • Quick Search
    Searching video using images just like using search engine
  • High Alarm Accuracy
    World-class algorithms result in excellent alarm accuracy results
  • Ease of Use
    Once an image has been provided and defined, the system is ready to search
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