• Q: How to format a Hard Drive on the DVR/NVR?

     A: Login to the DVR/NVR locally,

    • Go to MENU, select SYSTEM CONFIGURATION and then select HDD (on the left side).

    • Under the HDD INFORMATION tab, select the HDD(s) that needs to be formatted by checking the corresponding box under the “Label” column.

    • To start the formatting process, click the “Init” button on the bottom right corner of the screen.

    • After completion, the “Status” of the HDD(s) will change to Normal.

  • Q: What ports are needed to be forwarded for remote access?

     A: By default, the following ports needs to be forwarded for remote access.


    HTTP port: 80Used to connect via the web browser
    Server port: 8000Used to connect via iVMS-4200 software and iVMS-4500 Mobile App
    RTSP port: 10554Used for the video streaming
    HTTPS port: 443Used to connect via the web browser using SSL encryption


    Note: If the RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) port is defaulted to 554 (on older model/firmware) it is recommended to change this port to 10554 or 1024 when experiencing connection issues over 3G/4G connection.

  • Q: What is the default IP address, user name, password for Hikvision devices?

    A: Hikvision has a strong commitment to our distributors and dealers, and their security needs are of the utmost importance to us. We have recently taken a number of steps to ensure that our surveillance products meet and exceed these security needs. Hikvision is introducing new firmware that will require users to create a password in order to activate their devices.

    Note: All DVR/NVR/IP camera models are no longer shipped with a default password after a certain revision of firmware.


    The Secure Activation feature is deployed in the following firmware revisions:


    Device Firmware with Secure Activation

    Device TypeModel NumberFirmware Version
    Value Series IP CameraDS-2CD2xxxv5.3.0
    Smart Series IP CameraDS-2CD4xxxv5.3.0




    Plug-n-Play NVRDS-76xxNI-EI(E2)/Pv3.1.0
    Turbo DVR





    For more information, please view the relevant technical bulletin.
    Secure Activation Letter
    New Secure Activation Process for DVRs/NVRs

    New Secure Activation Process for IP Cameras


  • Q: How do I download the latest firmware version for my Hikvision device?

    A: Click here to find the latest firmware release for your Hikvision device.

    Note: The firmware are region specific. Upgrading firmware developed for another region may cause damage to your product.

  • Q: How to assign a static IP address to my Hikvision device?

    A: Download the SADP tool from here. The SADP tool will search any Hikvision products on the network and displays the information of the devices. This software can also be used to quickly configure the network information of the devices such as assigning a static IP address.

    Note that the computer running the SADP software must be on the same network (physical subnet) as the Hikvision device.


  • Q: How to upgrade Hikvision DVR/NVR firmware?

    A: To upgrade the firmware of a Hikvision DVR/NVR, first download the appropriate firmware from here. (Note: The firmware are region specific. Upgrading firmware developed for another region may cause damage to your product.)

    • Once the firmware is downloaded, extract (unzip) the contents of the .zip file onto a USB flash drive.

    • After the firmware is extracted, remove the USB flash drive from the computer and insert it into one of the available USB port on the DVR/NVR.

    • Log into the DVR/NVR locally, go to the MENU, select MAINTENANCE and then select UPGRADE (on left side).

    • Select the file named digicap.dav or digicap.mav (dependent on the model of the product) and press UPGRADE.

    • The DVR/NVR will reboot after the firmware is successfully upgraded.


    For more information, please view the relevant video below.

    Upgrading the Firmware on the Hikvision DVR and NVR