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  • Hikvision_Machine Vision Software (Including SDK) MVS2.3.0

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      Hikvision_Machine Vision Software (Including SDK) MVS2.3.0

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    • Software Description:


      Release date:2017-09-29 Version: 2.3.0 


       (1) New functions and performance optimizations 

      1. [MVS] Added support of multiple cameras operation;

        - Three kind of display window: Single, 4-division and 9-division

        - View of acquisition status of multiple cameras

        - Switch to full-screen under multiple cameras mode

        2. [MVS] Added quick access toolbar under full-screen;

        3. [MVS] Added cross line function;

        4. [MVS] Added packet re-send configuration;

        5. [MVS] Added function of getting local PC system information;

        6. [MVS] Added device status view under device list;

        7. [MVS] Optimized Node view and description under feature tree;

        8. [MVS] Optimized classify feature module function under Setting menu;

        9. [MVS] Optimized processing efficiency of Bayer interpolation algorithm;

        10. [MVS] Optimized parser mode of embedded information, to compatible with high resolution cameras;

        11. [MVS] Optimized video function, and display the usage state of recording buffer;

        12. [MVS] Optimized program memory utilization, to improve display efficiency;

        13. [MVS] Deleted rarely used menu, to simply item of main menu bar;

        14. [MVS] Deleted button of remove camera under the right click off device list;

        15. [MVS] Deleted classify feature live view function under Setting menu;

        16. [SDK] Optimized compatibility of GEV driver to different NICs;

        (2) Corrections 1. [SDK] Solved inaccurate timeout of GetOneFrameTimeOut under U3V cameras when blocking;

        2. [SDK] Solved print of SDK log after stop grabbing under image callback;

        3. [GEV Driver] Solved the problem of small probability of blue screen when the driver resource is not enough under 32-bit system;

        4. [GEV Driver] Solved GEV driver signature failure in part of Win10 computers;

        5. [U3V Driver] Solved U3V driver signature failure in part of Win10 computers;

        6. [Document] Fixed incorrect node type description of BlackLevel.

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  • Hikvision_Machine Vision Software (Including SDK) MVS2.3.1

    • Software Name:

      Hikvision_Machine Vision Software (Including SDK) MVS2.3.1

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    • Software Description:


      Release date:2017-11-29

      Version: 2.3.1


      (1) New functions and performance optimizations

      1. [MVS] Added bandwidth, errors and lost packets options for status bar of multi-cameras;

      2. [MVS] Compatible with ChunkData;

      3. [MVS] Modified configuration rules of feature tree and fixed the memory leakage issue;

      4. [SDK] Added the information of whether the current frame has lost frames into GetOneFrameTimeOut API;

      5. [SDK] Added C# API which covers same functions as C API;

      6. [SDK] Added protection mechanism to ensure that the U3V camera is not stopped in the case of unstable transmission signal;

      7. [SDK] Added support of ChunkData function from camera;

      8. [SDK] Optimized reconnection mechanism, which support reconnecting inside callback API;

      9. [Sample Code] Added examples for pixel format conversion;

      (2) Corrections

      1. [MVS] Fixed the problem of the firmware updater not able to continuously update

      2. [MVS] Fixed sudden crash of the firmware updater after firmware updating

      3. [MVS] Fixed probabilistic lost connection after the acquisition lasts for a long time

      4. [SDK] Fixed probabilistic stuck when calling destroy handle API after device restart;

      5. [SDK] Fixed probabilistic library conflicts between SDK and client programs on VC6.0;

      6. [GEV Driver] Fixed blue screen problem grabbing upon part of NIC;

      7. [GEV Driver] Fixed filter of some data packet of NIC from GigE driver

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