Notice: HiDDNS Service Migrates to Hik-Connect


Dec. 13, 2016

To Our Valued Customers,

Hikvision is pleased to announce the migration from Hikvision’s HiDDNS Service to the Hik-Connect platform.

Hikvision has offered HiDDNS, a Dynamic Domain Name Service, ( as an optional service to end users to enable remote access to their video surveillance cameras from a connected device.

As the user base continues to grow, Hikvision is migrating to the new Hik-Connect platform, which offers additional scalability by removing restrictions on capacity. Hik-Connect utilizes Amazon Web Services and U.S.-based servers. With Hik-Connect on AWS we leverage their best practices to enhance our security. Alternatively, customers still have the option to use any other third-party DDNS platform. 

The HiDDNS web portal will be discontinued on Dec. 30, 2016; customers will not be able to register new accounts on, nor will they have the ability to access the Device Status tab or the Device Management tab. However, HiDDNS device functionality will not be affected, and users will continue to be able to access each device via domain URL or through iVMS-4200/iVMS-4500 client software.

As of Feb. 16, 2017, no new devices can be registered using the current HiDDNS platform. However, previously registered devices will continue to function on the HiDDNS platform.

The fully featured HIk-Connect platform will be ready in Q1 2017. In the meantime, customers can use the Hik-Connect App to register devices. Once the full platform is online, customers will use the same login account created using the Hik-Connect APP or iVMS-4500 App to centrally manage all devices.

Here are the set-up instructions:

1.     Upgrade device to proper firmware that supports Hik-Connect

2.     Enable “Hik-Connect” on device local or Web GUI, and configure corresponding parameters if necessary

3.     Download the Hik-Connect App or iVMS-4500 App from the IOS App store/Google Play

4.     Register user’s personal account via email or phone number at Hik-Connect App/Hik Connect web portal/iVMS-4200/iVMS-4500

5.     Add user’s owned devices into user’s registered account

6.     The new registered device is ready to use

If you have any questions, please contact your Hikvision representative or Hikvision Tech Support at


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Hikvision Canada Inc.