At Hikvision, we understand the importance of information security, and we strive to provide our customers, partners and distributors with the information they need to help keep their systems safe. Here you will find useful information about best practices for configuring and managing your systems, as well as the latest security-related technical bulletins. In addition to the links on this page, the navigation bar to the left provides links to more information.

•    Report a security issue. Hikvision recognizes that data security is of the utmost importance. If you are a security researcher and believe that you have found security vulnerability, we encourage you to disclose it to us.

•    Download the cybersecurity challenge of IP video systems. The white paper examines how cybersecurity risks can be minimized, and highlights the roles that manufacturers, installers/integrators, and end-users should play to make IP video systems as safe from cyber-attack as humanly possible.

•    Watch our webinar on cybersecurity best practices. Learn tips on best practices for end-users and integrators on how to best keep IP video surveillance systems secure.

•    Watch our webinar on addressing and preventing cyber threats. Learn about the threats Hikvision has faced in the past and how they were mitigated and resolved. Find out more about Hikvision's proactive approach to cybersecurity including third-party testing. For upcoming webinars, please visit this WebEx portal to sign up.

•    Hikvision Security Initiative: Network and Information Security Lab. Learn more about Hikvision's commitment to internal process control, security management, and independent auditing.

Security Notices:

Intel CPU Vulnerabilities Statement – January 7, 2018

TB Third-Party Integration – Enabling ONVIF  – December 5, 2017

PAN Wi-Fi Camera Security   – November 27, 2017

Hikvision Security Advisory  – September 29, 2017

Security Structure Update 4200  – August 28, 2017

Password Reset Update – August 10, 2017

Update on Privilege-Escalation Vulnerability Notice – May 04, 2017

Privilege-Escalation Vulnerability Notice – March 12, 2017

Mirai-Botnet Notice – October 25, 2016
iVMS-4500 Version 4.2.0 Affected by Malware – September 21, 2015
Update on XcodeGhost Malware and Our Commitment to Cyber Security.pdf – September 25, 2015