At Hikvision, we understand the importance of information security, and we strive to provide our customers, partners and distributors with the information they need to help keep their systems safe. Here you will find useful information about best practices for configuring and managing your systems, as well as the latest security-related technical bulletins. In addition to the links on this page, the navigation bar to the left provides links to more information.

A letter on our commitment to cybersecurity from our President and CEO Mr. Hu


As a world leading video surveillance product supplier, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (“Hikvision”) is continually investing in the development of innovative video technologies. In today’s challenging environment, cybersecurity risks are ever-present with the potential for data and network breaches. At Hikvision, we believe it is our duty to be vigilant about cybersecurity. We also believe it is our responsibility to provide a cybersecurity assurance system, and to be a resource for our valued customers and the security industry as a whole.


Hikvision is a global, publicly traded corporation, dedicated to commercial success. The company adheres to the highest ethical standards in all of its business practices. Hikvision never has, does or would intentionally contribute to the placement of “backdoors” in its products. The company will continue to cooperate with unbiased independent professional associations for product safety examinations.

Hikvision is dedicated to enhancing and optimizing the cybersecurity in the development, manufacturing, delivery and servicing of our video surveillance products. The company complies with all applicable national and regional cybersecurity regulations and follows the best industry practices. Hikvision has established a sustainable and reliable cybersecurity assurance system that encompasses the company’s policies, organizational and operational procedures, technology and regulations. Hikvision's information security management system has been certified with ISO27001. The Hikvision Network and Information Security Lab utilizes the world’s leading known-vulnerability scanning tools and unknown-vulnerability discovery tools to verify and ensure that Hikvision products meet the industry cybersecurity standards and regulations.

Hikvision’s cybersecurity assurance efforts are built into the lifecycle of its products, including development, verification, manufacturing, delivery and service. We are constantly evaluating and enhancing our cybersecurity efforts in order to provide our valued customers with the highest quality and most reliable products.

Cybersecurity threats are a challenge for the entire security industry and for any technology company. Hikvision is actively working with customers, partners, competitors and cybersecurity associations to ensure best practices and to mitigate threats. Hikvision will continue its efforts to provide the best expertise to the industry-wide cybersecurity initiatives.

Hu Yangzhong
Chief Executive Officer
Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

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Additional Resources

•    Report a security issue. Hikvision recognizes that data security is of the utmost importance. If you are a security researcher and believe that you have found security vulnerability, we encourage you to disclose it to us.

•    Download the cybersecurity challenge of IP video systems. The white paper examines how cybersecurity risks can be minimized, and highlights the roles that manufacturers, installers/integrators, and end-users should play to make IP video systems as safe from cyber-attack as humanly possible.

•    Watch our webinar on cybersecurity best practices. Learn tips on best practices for end-users and integrators on how to best keep IP video surveillance systems secure.

•    Watch our webinar on addressing and preventing cyber threats. Learn about the threats Hikvision has faced in the past and how they were mitigated and resolved. Find out more about Hikvision's proactive approach to cybersecurity including third-party testing. For upcoming webinars, please visit this WebEx portal to sign up.

•    Hikvision Security Initiative: Network and Information Security Lab. Learn more about Hikvision's commitment to internal process control, security management, and independent auditing.