- Application in local area network and wide area network

      - E-map function

      - Remote configuration for EZVIZ devices

      - User permission management

      - Embedded web server supporting web browsing function

      - Create a password to activate the device

      - Support Counting, Road Traffic and VCA Search for Picture


    Current version : | 2.3.1
    4200 Client
    Encoding Device: | Up to 256 encoding devices supported
    Group: | Up to 256 groups supported
    Channel: | Up to 64 channels can be imported to each group;
    Up to 1024 channels can be imported to all groups
    Storage Server: | Up to 16 storage servers supported
    Stream Media Server: | Up to 16 stream media servers supported
    Decoding Device: | Up to 64 decoding devices supported
    Live View: | Up to 64-ch live view supported at a time
    Auxiliary Screen Preview: | Up to 4 auxiliary screens supported for live view
    E-map: | Up to 256 E-maps can be added

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    Coming soon!

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