Network Storage Device

    l64-bit embedded multi-core processor with 4GB high-speed buffer; 6Gbps SAS transmission; SBB2.0 technology
    lConnectable to encoding devices (IPC/DVR/encoder/NVR) using standard stream media protocol such as RTSP, ONVIF, PISIA, etc.; Connectable to encoding devices from third-party manufacturers such as AXIS, PELCO, Bosch, Canon, ,Panasonic, SAMSUNG, SONY, etc.
    lSupport 300-ch 2Mbpsconcurrent writing;20-ch synchronous playback
    lIntegrated with CVR/IPSAN application service
    lSupport built-in stream media module to forward real-time video stream
    lUp to 24 SATA hard disks (hot swap) can be installed; Up to 64TB capacity is supported for each device and 3-level expansion cabinet scan be cascade connected; Up to 256TB capacity supported for each system
    lSupport RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50, JBOD, hot spare
    lSupport multiple recording types, including continuous recording, manual recording, main and sub stream recording; motion recording, sensor alarm recording, video loss alarm recording, etc.
    lSearch, play back, download record files by type or time
    lUser friendly B/S or C/S interface supporting one-touch quick setting
    lMultiple alarm linkage actions such as acousto-optic, text message, email
    lDownload device logs to USB flash drive automatically
    lSupport N+1 hot spare system
    lAutomatic Network Replenishment (ANR) ensuring data integrity
    lData backup increasing data security

Processor: | Double Controller (64 BIT Multi-core Processor)
High-Speed buffer: | 4GB (expandable to 8G)
HDD slot: | 24
HDD interface: | SAS/1TB、 2TB、 3TB、 4TB、 6TB( SSD is optional)
Hot-swap disk: | Supported
RAID level: | RAID 0, 1,3,5,6,10,50,JBOD, Hot-Spare
Storage management
Disk management: | S.M.A.R.T. ((Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology)
LUN management: | iSCSI Volume, Record Volume
Data protection: | Real-time backup of system information, LUN clone
Device management
Management method: | Web-based GUI, CLI serial port, integrated management of multiple units
Alarm type: | Voice, Light, email, SMS, Page
Log download: | USB drive Automatic Download, Login Webpage to Save Locally
External port
Data port: | 4*1000M Ethernet Port per Controller, Can be Extended to 4*GE or 2*10GE or 4*8G FC
Management port: | 1 *100M Ethernet Port per Controller
SAS expansion port: | Supported
COM interface: | UPS 2 USB Interfaces per Controller, 1 for HyperTerminal, 1 for Circumscribed Mobile Alarm
USB interface: | 2 USB Interfaces per Controller
Power supply: | Redundant Power Source (1+1)
Power consumption: | Working Consumption: ≤ 380W
Rating Power Consumption: ≤1050W
Temperature: | Working:5 ºC~40 ºC Storing: -20 ºC~70 ºC
Humidity: | Working: 20%~80%RH (No Freezing, No Condensation)
Storing:5%~90%RH (No Freezing, No Condensation)
Chassis: | 19 Inch 4U Standard Chassis
Dimensions (W×H×D): | 447mm×172mm×550mm
Weight: | ≤32Kg(without HDD or DVD-R/W)

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